Internet Thought Leaders Address CE Week Audience

Come on, ‘fess up: Each of us knows someone that’s done something really regrettable on the Internet. Maybe it’s not on the Anthony Weiner scale, but a wrongly-worded email, unintended recipient, infidelity, or a rant about the boss can…

The Coolest New Products for Parents and Babies from CES 2019

Over the past few years, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been the place to watch for new parenting technology, from breast pumps to baby monitors, that aims to give parents a deeper look into their baby’s health or make parenting…

These 5 Baby Tech Gadgets Rocked The Cradle At CES 2019

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The average middle-income family will spend an estimated $12,000 during baby’s first year, the USDA estimated in 2010.   Read More

15 Cool Products for Families from Consumer Electronics Show 2019

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Amy Beckley, a doctor of pharmacology, struggled with fertility for more than three years. Ovulation tests told her when she was likely to conceive but retaining the fertilized egg was another story. Her hunch was that she had low progesterone,…