Internet Thought Leaders Address CE Week Audience

Come on, ‘fess up: Each of us knows someone that’s done something really regrettable on the Internet. Maybe it’s not on the Anthony Weiner scale, but a wrongly-worded email, unintended recipient, infidelity, or a rant about the boss can…

How Social Networking Wrecked My CES Events

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I am not a newbie - I’ve been at CES for an eternity, as the emcee and creative force behind the Last Gadget Standing and the Mobile Apps Showdown - two events at CES that both rely heavily on the people’s vote to decide on a winner. There…

The 11th Annual Last Gadget Standing Preview

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What do a baby stroller, an iPhone controlled sphere, an innovative camera, and a new gaming machine have in common? They’re all in the running in the final weeks of the Last Gadget Standing competition. Last Gadget takes its cue from the…