CES is known for introducing thousands of new gadgets each, but, as we learned during the DDoS attack that started with an unsecured webcam, it’s time to turn the focus to security.  Sponsored by CyberVista, a company whose mission is to create a cyber-ready workforce through personalized training programs, the conference sessions offered a thoughtful look at new tools, strategies and threats and exploits. Some of the most contentiously memorable moments were the panel that looked Inside the Mind of a Hacker where crime fighters like Area51, White Ops and others offered insight. Speakers including former Homeland Security’s Suzanne Spaulding, Intel’s Gary Davis, and others, who offered a sobering look at evolving threats. Ultimately panelists offered suggestions for ushering in a new era of security conscious products, thanks to participants including the US State Department, Global Cyber Alliance, and the National Initiative for CyberSecurity Education. Watch Simone Petrella and Hemanshu Nigam as they take you on a tour of what happens internally when a company gets hacked. And thanks to Dan Tynan, emcee, for peppering the audience with provocative “clicker-based” opinion polls throughout.  


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