CES Asia Showcases Beauty Health Products

It’s no surprise that the market for health and wellness technology is growing. There are a number of reasons. In part, it’s because small-format, low-cost sensors make it easy to get information and input from your body. And now, in addition to our mobile devices processing this input, there’s a great deal of behind-the-scenes AI being used to help analyze and predict outcomes. The combination of sensors, analytics and thinking about the pain points in the beauty and wellness ecosystem are beginning to be addressed. At CES Asia, in Shanghai this month we chose 6 products to epitomize the change.


Consumers spend billions on makeup and skincare solutions, but how are you supposed to know when a product works as advertised? LuLub’s Lumini is a handheld device that analyzes your skin and recommends the best products for your particular skin type.

The device captures a photo of your face and then with image enhancing and AI it looks at a number of skin characteristics including Wrinkles, Pigment, Redness, Pores, Sebum, Acne. It then recommends products depending on your score on these characteristics. Used over time, Lumini helps you gauge whether or not your skin care products are working for you

Neutrogena MaskiD

Michael Southall, Research Director for Johnson & Johnson/Neutrogena, showed how Neutogena’s MaskID, a custom printed 3D mask printed to fit your face and filled with ingredients that fit your skin type. Using your mobile phone outfitted with a small attachment, a 30x skin magnifier apparatus you take photos of your face and uploads to the app. The app identifies your face measurements and creates a mask that won’t droop over your eyes, or fall off your chin as most want to do They analyze trouble spots on your skin and fill the mask with the appropriate.The product is expected to be available on the market this fall.

EMS Training X-Pad

Electrical stimulation techniques have been with us since there’s been electricity. Applying electrical current to areas are the body is useful for both toning and rehabilitation of muscles. The EMS Training X-Pad is for anyone who wishes they were a little more buff, but workouts alone aren’t getting the job done. You place an e-shaped patch on your abs and your mobile device controls the intensity and duration of the stimulation through an app. The device, a winner of the CES 2019 Innovations award, stimulates your muscles with electrical current. The result are abs (there’s a version of arms as well) that are strengthened and toned. Perfect for both athletes or bikini wearers alike.


Beauty is more than skin deep, and eye health is a critically important part of any regime. Instead of travelling to an eye doctor for an expensive prescription and glasses fittings, the EyeQue is a small device that you hold up to your phone and look into. The EyeQue app presents you with an eye test that involves convergencing colored bars. After the test your prescription is prepared and you can order glasses directly from the app.

HiMirror Mini

Another nifty skin analysis mirror was demonstrated by Kevin Wang from HiMirror Mini. Unlike handheld tools that you put up to your face this is a mirror that you look into. It combines augmented reality with facial recognition and some sophisticated AI to tell you whether or not those skin-care products you buy are really doing what they say they’re doing. You take a selfie with mirror’s built-in camera and looks for percentages of trouble spots like dark circles, red spots, dark spots, pores, wrinkles, fine lines and roughness. Take a picture once a week to see if you’re improving! It’s also got a speaker, is Alexa enabled and even let’s you play Spotify or other stations while you’re applying your makeup or product.


Using virtual reality headsets and it’s special software, IrisVision is designed to help those with macular degeneration or retinopathy see. It works by projecting an image of the world it sees onto the parts of the retina (often the sides) that are still working. It also lets you listen to books, watch TV and generally have the life of a sighted person.

If you have a product you think fits the beauty of wearables category contact us at info@livingindigitaltimes.com. We’re taking the show to CES Las Vegas in 2020.