Philips Eyes Behavioral Change Key to the Personal Health Market

Personal fitness devices from companies like FitBit and Withings have clearly made inroads with highly motivated fitness devotees. Can similar devices have the same impact on those suffering from health issues?   READ MORE

Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech As Seen By The Algorithms

Last week, we ran a software analysis on clarity of speech and word usage for Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. Now, it’s Hillary’s turn.   READ MORE

Trump’s Acceptance Speech As Seen By The Algorithms

The tech-savvy (except Peter Thiel) have shown no love for the newly announced Republican candidate throughout the nominating process. I figured it was time to look at Trump’s speech in the tech world’s own lingo — algorithms.   READ…

Pokémon For Folks Who Don’t Give A Hoot About Squirtles Or Zubats

The Wartortle made me do it. Shatter my Samsung Galaxy phone screen that is. After traversing the city for two days, visiting PokéStops all over Manhattan, I knew more about the architectural detail in my neighborhood than I’d gleaned in…

Everyone Wants A Robo-Advisor

There was a time when you needed a substantial amount of wealth in order to make it worth hiring a wealth manager or even getting a wealth manager to pay attention to your puny investment funds. That picture is changing fast.   READ…

10 Under 20: Young Innovators to Watch Gives Young Geeks a Boost when they Need It Most

Pity the poor student geek. Their classmates are hanging out, messaging friends, or maybe playing on the soccer team. READ MORE

A Guy's Tech Show From a Woman's Perspective

It's not breaking news that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is the equivalent of a frat party for the tech industry.   READ MORE

40 Million Caregivers and Not Growing Strong

Today, nearly forty million Americans are providing unpaid care of aging, disabled or other people who need assistance. READ MORE

Tech that's Good for Kids: Of Makers, Coders and Pilots

Every year at this time I invite a panel of 14 judges representing all facets of the kids' media business to do some soul searching. Read More

The 'NY Times' Turns to a Cardboard Box to Reboot Journalism

This weekend my New York Times subscription came with a little something extra -- the Cracker Jack's prize for newsreaders. Read more Source: Huffington Post

Family Time Becomes Maker Time

When my kids were young, making things involved macaroni, feathers, glue and paper plates. Read moreSource: Huffington Post

Location-Based Parenting

It's 10PM -- do you know where your children, dog, luggage, phone and everything else you own is? Read moreSource: Huffington Post

Millennials Want to Pay By Tech

My son and I live on different planets where money is concerned. Read MoreSource: Huffington Post

Doing the Credit Card Shuffle

Each time I make a purchase, I pull a veritable deck of credit cards to find the one I was looking for. Read MoreSource: Huffington Post

Doing the Credit Card Shuffle

Source:  www.huffington.postEach time I make a purchase, I pull a veritable deck of credit cards to find the one I was looking for. As I fan them out, I think for the millionth time that there must be a better way. I am carrying more than 20…

Coding School: When Your School Project Lands You the Job

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com As good ole fashioned jobs dry up faster than plants in the summer, there's a gold rush to get the 21st century skills you need to marketable. That message has not been lost on a crop of new "how to learn programming…

Time for the Maker Movement to Grow Up

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com The idea of making things and creating things, especially in the digital realm, has captured the imagination of many digital pioneers. Just head to the New York Maker Faire in New York City this fall and you'll…

Raising Kids in a Digital World

Source:  www.huffingtonpost.com After watching kids and technology metamorphose for the past 30 years, I've come to some big picture thoughts for any parent who's made technology an integral part of their family life. First: There are no…

The Summer of Living Dangerously

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comWinter has its icy roads, but summer, when we're on the go and active outdoors, has its own dangers. Not saying you should lock yourself in a closet this summer, but new technologies have created some rather effective…

Geeks Make Strange Bedfellows

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comThey say that politics makes strange bedfellows, but geeks do it better. For decades, few wanted much to do with those nocturnal-toiling, suit-less, pizza-inhaling species. But fast forward to today, when the khaki/untucked…

Who Says Kids Don't Get Science?

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comWe all talk about how schools are failing our kids when it comes to science and technology. Yet here are ten kids who prove us wrong. In a partnership between the New York City Economic Development Corporation…

Diamonds Are Forever, Technology A Few Minutes -- Can They Get Along?

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comJewelry has been around since the birth of civilization. Technology, not so long. But a few prescient jewelry manufacturers like Dennis Ulrich, CEO of Richline, are hell-bent on melding the two. Ulrich told me…

What Happens to Your Data When You Monitor Your Personal Fitness

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comWearing a fitness bracelet from FitBit, Jawbone, Microsoft, Withings, and others has become increasingly common. About one in ten people in the US now do some sort of fitness monitoring.As we become more comfortable…

So Much to Learn, So Little Time

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comCurious about where the long-past college set goes to learn, I asked 4,000 of my closest Facebook friends if they'd ever taken an online class. The results were amazingly random with two exceptions: Lynda.com and…

Crowdfunding: It's Not Just for StartUps Anymore

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comHas anyone noticed that crowdfunding is not just about a bunch of young aspirationals looking for cash? What started out as a way to democratize innovation and access to capital, is now a sweet way for well-established…

Turn RadioShack into MakerShack

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comRadioShack is a 94-year-old electronics chain that once spawned a generation of tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers. These proto-geeks knew they could travel a few miles to find a treasure trove of electronics parts…

Silicon Valley: Where Men Are Wrong and Women Are Wronged

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comIn the early '90s, as one of the first women editors of a technology magazine, my female employees would plop themselves down in my office to recount the humiliations, the come-ons, and the frustrations over the…

Thermometers Replace Mercury With Bluetooth

Source: www.huffingtonpost.comThermometers have come a long way from fragile glass tubes filled with dangerous mercury. Those rectal thermometers are still one of the nightmares of my childhood. Today, adhesive strips that contain tiny sensors,…