Ride-Sharing: Lots of Holes to Be Plugged

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The startup economy always has a niche waiting to be filled by a creative person, and that person is often looking for answer to what begins as a personal problem.   READ MORE

Real Money, Virtual Reality

For most of us, VR today means donning some heavy face mask contraption and flailing your arms (to the amusement of others) in an immersive reality that only you can see.   READ MORE

Want to Be Coin Insider? Jump and Holler “HODL”

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I’ve attended enough conferences about coins and cryptocurrency to know I’m watching world-changing history.   READ MORE

What To Do with Twenty Years of Content? Start an Academy

LeapFrog’s twenty-year history is a classic study of the speed of change in the tech industry.   READ MORE

3 More Good Choices for The Summer of Coding

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Interesting building kits and coding tools for teaching kids about technology are pouring into the market.   READ MORE

Teaching President Trump that Cyber Civility Matters

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Everyone knows that President Trump has given the word “bully pulpit” a new meaning.   READ MORE

High Tech Couture Meets CES Asia’s Tech Fans

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Over the past 7 years, FashionWare, a runway show for tech enthusiasts, has come to represent a blend of pioneering designers in the world of high tech fashion garments and makers of high tech accessories.   READ MORE

Jiobit: Don’t Worry, Mommy Always Knows Where You Are

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John Renaldi had one of those heart stopping moments when he lost his child in a crowded park.   READ MORE

Low Tech, High Tech Guide to Staying Safe this Summer

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Empty homes are like the kid at school who always had the “kick me” sticker on his butt.   READ MORE

Tech Products Tackle Problems That Come with Age

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More and more innovative companies are waking up to the fact that there is life beyond age 55.   READ MORE

What’s Your Best Bet for Teaching Kids to Code? (Ways to Teach Coding Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we looked whether coding is an important skill. Now let’s look at how to decide which of the many ways of teaching kids to code might work best. Read More

To Code or Read the Odyssey? That is the Question. (Ways to Teach Coding Part 1)

Education is a swinging pendulum. Whether the debate is to teach whole language learning or teach new math it seems to always be a battle of absolutes. Next battlefield? To code or not to code. Parents, nervous that their kids might live…

Pondering Creativity, Immortality and Borders with a 100 Year Old Ad Agency

Grey Advertising Agency just celebrated its 100th year anniversary. To put that in context, Mad Men looks like a young ‘un. To kickstart the next 100, the company asked every employee to have an EEG scan of their brains while wearing a…

Test Your Drone Knowledge

One day really soon we’re all going to need to have drone driver licenses or we can wait a few more years until we’re riding shotgun in our autonomously controlled drone vehicles. To kick off life in the drone lane the USS Intrepid:…

Hack Your Business Before Someone Else Does

What do Sony, Yahoo, Target, San Francisco’s Muni, presidential elections in two different countries, Orange is the New Black, and Bangladesh Bank have in common? Hacked. Typically, by finding a weak human link on the corporate chain who…

So, You Thought It Was Just You and Friends on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has had more incarnations than the Buddha. You may think of it as a place to have private conversation between you and your buddies, but Facebook has other ideas. It wants to be the center of your commerce life. Read…

Acer is Banking on a World or Mixed Reality Powered by Lots of Hardware

PC manufacturers take the unveiling for their product lines every bit as seriously as fashion designers do like Marc Jacobs or Zac Posen. This year it’s not about hems being short; it’s about slightly curved screens, powerful, silent…

7 Kitchen Internet of Things Products You Never Thought You Would Need – What a Hoot!

Yahoo columnist David Pogue always cracks me up when he riffs on the inanity of the Internet of Things. “It’s grammatically twisted,” he says. “It sounds like some sort of Yoda speak. People just don’t talk like that,” says Pogue.…

Lights, Camera, Application: Snapchat-like Videos Get Kids into College

Ephemeral, short, dynamic and visual … that’s the way the young like to communicate. Permanent, long form and written, that’s the way the colleges like it. But, according to new data gathered by LendEDU, 58% of millennials open a Snapchat…

AARP: Not Your Grandfather’s Incubator

AARP was founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired high school principal nearly 60 years ago, in order to give a voice to retired Americans. Now, this 38 million-member organization is getting its startup mojo working. Over the last few…

Shoptalk Captured the Tumult in the Retail Market

When Amazon first set up shop, I could still enjoy a stroll through my Manhattan neighborhood without it looking like the main drag was “For Lease.” I could still see my doorman. He wasn’t yet buried beneath a chin high stack of Prime…

Adobe Summit: 12,000 Marketers Trying to Read Your Mind

What happens when 12,000 marketers get together for a fest? At Adobe’s Summitit meant bringing in a bevy of superstars including Ryan Gosling, Penn & Teller,Peyton Manning and Kate McKinnon to celebrate the creative storytelling skills…

Can Someone Make Mom Happy? 5 Years of Safety Wearables

Sigh. It’s hard to argue against a mother’s logic. Even when she’s in her mid-eighties. And so, my search for a simple tracker to keep mom safe in case of an emergency has been going on for five years. Nothing has passed Mom’s litmus…

Time to Rethink Kids Engagement on the Web

Way back in the 90’s, websites designed for kids were just beginning to emerge. Most of them were somewhat innocuous collections of silly games, jokes, chat rooms and virtual pets. But some, from less reputable sources, were laden with…

For Kids, Fake News is the New Norm

Years ago, when the Internet was young and so were my kids, I remember being pretty creeped out as I watched them research their school papers. A paper on The Scarlet Letter had one visiting witches’ covens as academic research. A paper…

From Start-Ups to End-Ups

Maybe I’m showing my age but I’ve got a serious case of start-up fatigue. One more hackathon, incubator, accelerator, pitch contest, one more meetup group and I turn into an Edvard Munch scream. The start-up economy has changed the nature…

The Most Boring Technology Story Ever, but You Need a New Router

The Internet has gotten really fast. It’s pretty common today for people to have upwards of 100 megabytes of bandwidth from their service provider. But I’m guessing that the large majority of that speed is hobbled by the 5+ year old routers…