At CES 2019, the focus was all about the tech in toys.  At Toy Fair New York, the equation flipped. It was all about the toys that were tech-centric.  As we hunted for the best of Toy Fair we found lots of technology working under the hood…
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15 Cool Products for Families from Consumer Electronics Show 2019

Amy Beckley, a doctor of pharmacology, struggled with fertility for more than three years. Ovulation tests told her when she was likely to conceive but retaining the fertilized egg was another story. Her hunch was that she had low progesterone,…

CES 2019: New, faster way to get dinner to the table

The crowd around the Brava Home booth at CES 2019 was several layers deep Wednesday, and no wonder; the Brava team was demonstrating the company’s new infrared oven.   Read More

How to Give Kids Good Body Image in the Age of Snapchat

During a recent date night with my husband, my beloved babysitter let my 4-year-old daughter take a few (unpublished) pictures with a Snapchat filter that added blush and eyelashes while smoothing out her already blemish-free skin.   Read…
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Living in Digital Times presents the Kids and Family Tech Summit at CES® 2019

What: Kids and Family Tech Summit We all know you can’t predict the future because it happens as we speak. But how do you future-proof kids and families? The best way is to introduce them to the right technologies, in the right way and…
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Future of Smart Devices

Peggy wraps up the show by talking with Robin Raskin, founder, Living in Digital Times, who explains says users get frustrated when each device requires an app of its own. She reveals that there are already more devices than humans on the planet.   Listen…

AR and VR Bring New Reality to Play

Once upon a time, toys coming to life was just a Disney-Pixar fantasy but kids can interact with virtual versions of their favorite toys and characters like never before. According to Robin Raskin, a tech expert and founder of Living in Digital…