Why Diversity in Ad Tech is so Important Right Now

It's heartening to hear the conversation about diversity in marketing shift from "diversity is a good thing" to "diversity is foundational in any high-performance company."   Read More

Future of Smart Devices

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Peggy wraps up the show by talking with Robin Raskin, founder, Living in Digital Times, who explains says users get frustrated when each device requires an app of its own. She reveals that there are already more devices than humans on the planet.   Listen…

A new robot promises to make the dream of oven-fresh bread every 6 minutes a reality

A new device named the "BreadBot" is said to have a staggering bread production capability: six loaves per hour, and nearly 250 per day, with barely any human intervention, according to the company behind it.   Read More

Living in Digital Times, in partnership with CTA, presents High Tech Retailing Summit at CES 2019

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What: High Tech Retailing Summit and Exhibition The High Tech Retailing Summit and Exhibition is a one-day conference followed by four days of exhibition joining top retailers with the tech industry’s leading-edge innovators. Together they…

CES 2019 kicks off with breast pumps and a bread robot

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The largest technology show in the world has a large amount of mediocre gadgets and a small handful of gems.   Read More