Retailers are Opening Their Doors to Paying with Crypto: Is Anyone Buying?

What do AT&T, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Overstock have in common? They all accept crypto, otherwise known as coin, as a form of payment. Over 39,000 stores will now take everything from Bitcoin and BTC, to LiteCoin, the same way that they…

I lost my identity at Money20/20 so you don't have to

Two of the main themes echoing throughout the halls of the recent Money20/20 finance conference in Las Vegas were trust and identity. Knowing that you are who you say you are has become trickier than ever.   Read More

Future of Smart Devices

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Peggy wraps up the show by talking with Robin Raskin, founder, Living in Digital Times, who explains says users get frustrated when each device requires an app of its own. She reveals that there are already more devices than humans on the planet.   Listen…

Living in Digital Times, in partnership with CTA, presents Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

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WHAT: The Digital Money Forum Money is going digital and you don’t want to get lost in the “change.” The Digital Money Forum at CES® is full-day conference and marketplace devoted to identifying trends, industry leadership and opportunities…

Our Man At CES 2019 – Part One: Finding Crypto

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Where better to check out all the latest crypto-tech than the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Actually, as it turned out, finding crypto at CES wasn’t as easy as first expected.   Read More

One of Cryptos Biggest Security Problems May Have Finally Been Solved

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Cryptocurrency took a big step forward Sunday, as wallet manufacturer Ledger announced the launch of the Nano X with Bluetooth support for connecting to a smartphone.   Read More

CES 2019: We Saw the Future

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New year. New tech! Like every January, Mashable’s Tech Team came to Las Vegas for CES to preview what’s coming in the world of consumer tech, and boy were there a lot of shiny new gadgets to see.   Read More

Fintech meets Techfin – The Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

Nummo, a personal financial management platform that empowers people to live better by helping them manage, maintain and improve their financial health, today announced its co-founder and CEO, Roi Y. Tavor, will be a featured speaker at the…

BLOC President and CEO Shidan Gouran Selected to Lead an Educational Session at Major CES 2019

Recognized for his in-depth expertise with blockchain technology and the consumer electronics industry, BLOC’s President and CEO Shidan Gouran has been asked to present about applications of blockchain technology in the media and consumer…

Blockchain Revelations To Expect At CES 2019

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Every year, Las Vegas plays host to the Consumer Technology Association’s CES event, which is the biggest tech-trade show around the globe. There is almost 3 million net square feet of exhibit floor space to utilise for more than 180,000 tech…

First Impressions from CES: Crypto Optimism, Sleeptech and the Internet of Anything

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PitchBook sent four of our analysts to CES in Las Vegas, where they're sharing their takes on the tech talk, latest gadgets and industry trends likely to shape the coming year. Here's the first dispatch.   Read More

5 Signs From CES 2019 That Crypto is Ready For the Mainstream

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If you have doubts about the future of crypto, look no further than Las Vegas.   Read More