Future of Smart Devices

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Peggy wraps up the show by talking with Robin Raskin, founder, Living in Digital Times, who explains says users get frustrated when each device requires an app of its own. She reveals that there are already more devices than humans on the planet.   Listen…

Living in Digital Times, in partnership with CTA, presents Digital Health Summit at CES 2019

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What: Digital Health Summit The Digital Health Summit celebrates a decade of innovation at CES starting off with a two-day conference filled with keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions, and live demos. Plus, wander the Health & Wellness…

15 Cool Products for Families from Consumer Electronics Show 2019

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Amy Beckley, a doctor of pharmacology, struggled with fertility for more than three years. Ovulation tests told her when she was likely to conceive but retaining the fertilized egg was another story. Her hunch was that she had low progesterone,…

First Impressions from CES: Crypto Optimism, Sleeptech and the Internet of Anything

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PitchBook sent four of our analysts to CES in Las Vegas, where they're sharing their takes on the tech talk, latest gadgets and industry trends likely to shape the coming year. Here's the first dispatch.   Read More

CES Speakers Ponder Where Digital Health Innovation Will Take Us

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At the CES Digital Health Summit, Daniel Kraft and leaders from Fitbit Health Solutions, Verily and Akili Interactive explored how far we've come and where we're going when it comes to healthcare technology   Read More

CES 2019 kicks off with breast pumps and a bread robot

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The largest technology show in the world has a large amount of mediocre gadgets and a small handful of gems.   Read More

Johnson & Johnson Launch 3D Printed Neutrogena MaskiD Face Mask

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Johnson & Johnson is launching what it's calling the most personalized skincare product ever at the Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) in Las Vegas. Neutrogena MaskiD is a 3D printed sheet mask which is powered by a wearer's data.   Read…

Big Beauty's Futuristic Vision of Skin and Hair Care is on Display at CES 2019

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Seven conglomerates dominate the global beauty industry, and nearly all of them are investing in high-tech consumer experiences that involve budding technology like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, facial recognition, or 3-D printing.   Read…

Here are the 8 Tech Trends You’ll See this Year

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Customers seemed consistently underwhelmed with the new “innovations” that companies like Apple were billing as amazing breakthroughs, and we all became painfully aware that our personal data wasn’t as personal as we’d previously thought.   Read…