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Seventeen Leading Experts Envision The Power of Technology in 2014

Living in Digital Times at the 2014 International CES® will bring together more than 230 luminary speakers and 160 cutting-edge exhibitors—a third more than in 2013—to reveal the hottest trends and latest innovations in technology in digital health, moms and kids, baby boomers and seniors, sports and fitness, education, wearables, mobile apps, gadgets, and more. […]

New Scholarship to Honor Outstanding Achievement in Apps Creation by High School, College and Grad School Students

With the barriers to entry diminished students are creating their first apps the way they used to create their first compositions. As part of this year’s Mobile Apps Showdown at CES 2014, The Kay Family Foundation, a grant-making foundation located in Orange County, California created a special scholarship fund to honor outstanding achievement by a […]


Welcome: Yomi Abiola!

Welcome to Yomi Abiola, curator for this year’s FashionWare exhibit and party at International CES 2013. We’ll be celebrating the latest wearable fashions from designers all over the world and we’ll be contributing a portion of the proceeds to Stand Up for Fashion, Yomi’s charity to help solve social issues in the fashion industry. To find […]


Tech Help for Aging’s Little Problems

Try as you might to stay looking and feeling your youngest, there’s no denying that eyesight, reflexes, memory, and hearing all reach a peak and then slowly slip.  Irritating? Certainly. But technology is getting better and better about picking up some of the slack. Robin Raskin wrote this piece for Mashable, filled with great ideas […]


Boomers Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 has been evaluated from many different angles, but what’s the benefit of the upgrade to those of us way-back Windows users? Gary Kaye, who will be hosting a panel at this year’s Silvers Summit, looks at Win8 to see what the Boomers will like. He speaks with Bonnie Kearney, Director of Accessibility & […]


Kid’s Android Tablets Invasion

What’s $150, looks just like mom and dad’s version, and will be flying off the shelves this holiday season? Answer – Tablet PCs made just for the kids. In time for the holidays, there are now more than 15 different kid-centric tablets. Tablets, like doctor’s kits or toy vacuum cleaners, are aimed at kids who […]

A Bright Future for the High Tech Death Market

  Death is on our minds, in part because the demographics are moving towards an aging population, and in part because dying is one really expensive process. In a $17 billion dollar a year business, memorializing and burial were among the sacred bastions untouched by technology. But the afterlife has begun.  .RIP? .RIP is  the […]


Ebook or Print: What’s a Parent’s Choice?

The Joan Ganz Cooney Center studies children’s media from various vantage points. Their most recent study looked at parents’ preferences when it came to reading with their young (ages 2-6) children. What they found was a mixed bag. While parents who read iPad books with their kids found certain features helpful, they found others distracting. They gave […]


Necomimi Perks Up Your Ears

In the “truth is stranger than fiction” category, I bumped into a Necomimi-wearing woman at an event the other night. Necomimis are “brainwave-calculating” animatronic animal ears. They sense your “mood” and flop down or perk up accordingly. The Necomimi consists of a headband and fuzzy cat ears – like a fuzzier Catwoman. The ears are […]