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Living in Digital Times, in partnership with CTA, presents Digital Money Forum at CES 2019

WHAT: The Digital Money Forum Money is going digital and you don’t want to get lost in the “change.” The Digital Money Forum at CES® is full-day conference and marketplace devoted to identifying trends, industry leadership and opportunities in the emerging world of payments, with an emphasis on the how the tech industry is reshaping […]

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Living in Digital Times, in partnership with CTA, presents High Tech Retailing Summit at CES 2019

What: High Tech Retailing Summit and Exhibition The High Tech Retailing Summit and Exhibition is a one-day conference followed by four days of exhibition joining top retailers with the tech industry’s leading-edge innovators. Together they create a retail renaissance addressing trends altering everything the customer experience, to big data analysis, to the ecosystem of delivery, […]

Living in Digital Times Offers Sneak Peek At Newest Technology Trends At CES® 2019 Curated Exhibits and Conferences Navigate World’s Largest Technology Conference

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Living in Digital Times (LIDT), a supporting partner of CES, today offered a sneak peek at some of the conferences and events showcasing leading trends in the technologies shaping health, money, retail, family and other “emerging slices” of the tech industry. CES is owned and produced by the […]

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15 Cool Products for Families from Consumer Electronics Show 2019

Amy Beckley, a doctor of pharmacology, struggled with fertility for more than three years. Ovulation tests told her when she was likely to conceive but retaining the fertilized egg was another story. Her hunch was that she had low progesterone, but her doctor said there was no way to measure that without her coming into […]


AR and VR Bring New Reality to Play

Once upon a time, toys coming to life was just a Disney-Pixar fantasy but kids can interact with virtual versions of their favorite toys and characters like never before. According to Robin Raskin, a tech expert and founder of Living in Digital Times, “The basics of AR date back more than a decade…”   Read […]


BLOC President and CEO Shidan Gouran Selected to Lead an Educational Session at Major CES 2019

Recognized for his in-depth expertise with blockchain technology and the consumer electronics industry, BLOC’s President and CEO Shidan Gouran has been asked to present about applications of blockchain technology in the media and consumer electronics sectors at the Digital Money Forum event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.   Read More