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Test Your Drone Knowledge

One day really soon we’re all going to need to have drone driver licenses or we can wait a few more years until we’re riding shotgun in our autonomously controlled drone vehicles. To kick off life in the drone lane the USS Intrepid: Sea Air and Space Museum, a 1943 aircraft carrier turned museum, recently […]

Hack Your Business Before Someone Else Does

What do Sony, Yahoo, Target, San Francisco’s Muni, presidential elections in two different countries, Orange is the New Black, and Bangladesh Bank have in common? Hacked. Typically, by finding a weak human link on the corporate chain who will click a link in an infected email. Hackers have quickly moved beyond just catch and release […]

AARP: Not Your Grandfather’s Incubator

AARP was founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired high school principal nearly 60 years ago, in order to give a voice to retired Americans. Now, this 38 million-member organization is getting its startup mojo working. Over the last few years in search for startup innovations in the 50+ market, AARP has introduced new […]

Time to Rethink Kids Engagement on the Web

Way back in the 90’s, websites designed for kids were just beginning to emerge. Most of them were somewhat innocuous collections of silly games, jokes, chat rooms and virtual pets. But some, from less reputable sources, were laden with pop-up screens that barraged kids with advertising or asked kids to provide their personal information (including […]

For Kids, Fake News is the New Norm

Years ago, when the Internet was young and so were my kids, I remember being pretty creeped out as I watched them research their school papers. A paper on The Scarlet Letter had one visiting witches’ covens as academic research. A paper on the Civil War had one earnestly getting the facts from white supremacist […]

From Start-Ups to End-Ups

Maybe I’m showing my age but I’ve got a serious case of start-up fatigue. One more hackathon, incubator, accelerator, pitch contest, one more meetup group and I turn into an Edvard Munch scream. The start-up economy has changed the nature and future of work. It’s screwed up our values about work. It underplays the importance […]

Baby Tech Gets a Bump at CES 2017

When I first started attending CES, about 25 years ago, motherhood was something you denied (or at least ignored). At CES this year, all things “baby” were celebrated. Fertility monitors, wearable breast pumps, and wearable clothing to monitor newborns were just a few of the innovations seen at The BabyTech Marketplace. Read More

Creating a Platform, Not a Product

Farhad Manjoo predicted the demise of gadgets in his NY Times column last week. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the demise was greatly exaggerated. Hardware is expensive to create, difficult to support, hard to get into distribution, and item returns are tough to bear. Read More

Big Kids Play with Toys and Games

Film directors get their names in the credits. Songwriters get their names in the credits. Toy and Game inventors? Not so much. That’s what Andy Roo Forest, a celebrated toy maker and accomplished singer/songwriter, sang about as he kicked off a celebration of toy and game makers at Chicago’s Navy Pier. Read More

Time for a High-Tech Peace Corps?

To say the election results have been troubling could be the most historic understatement ever. The deep rifts in the country, shown in red and blue, depict a tale of a changing economy, one where retooling factories, digging deeper for more coal, or producing more steel are, for many reasons, an unworkable solution. Read More

Banks Fight Back: We Can Play the Digital Game Too

Last year, when I attended Money 2020, the large tradeshow that covers fintech (where finance meets technology), I walked away sure that banks were on their last gasping breaths. Young start-up fintech companies doing everything from lending money to creating payment systems and building digital wallets, were attacking traditional banks. With death by a thousand […]

Fashion Leaders Seek Place in the Digital World

Like every marriage, the marriage of technology and fashion is always evolving. Technologists descend from a tribe that says “if it works, it’s amazing.” The fashion world needs to combine beauty and functionality with the technology in order for it attract its fashion-forward clientele. Gen 1 of fashion technology basically put a pretty shell atop […]

Your Body, Your Password

Passwords are totally out of control. You probably have thousands of them and remember none of them. Some insist on a mixture of crazy characters, uppercase letters and numbers, making sure you’ll never remember your password. Read More