Experience the cutting-edge robots walking the LIDT Stage at CES Asia. From humainoid to AI, from industrial to health-based, these high-tech robots are the wave of the future. Come see them in action.

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We’re Looking for a Few Great Robots

Robotics is one of the hottest categories at CES Asia. To bring robotics to life, our company produces a live event called Robotics on the Runway. It’s an informative, entertaining and high-profile way to show off your robot to the press and CES Asia attendees. The shows will be held throughout the show on the CES Asia Stage located in the N3 Hall. Entry into Robotics on the Runway is complimentary to CES Asia Exhibitors. If your company has a robotic product and would like to be considered for the show, please Enter Here The deadline to submit your entry and add your product to the show is Monday, May 7. If your product is chosen to appear in the Robots on the Runway show, our producer will contact you with the details.


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We all knew robots would take over some of our jobs, but the fashion runway? Take a look at highlights from our second annual Robotics on the Runway show at CES Asia. Not saying that they’ll replace Naomi Campbell or Gisele Bündchen anytime soon, but the audience in Shanghai sure showed them some love. Meet last year’s robots.