It’s been a long time coming. But not all that long. After 30 years of exploration, we find ourselves at war with the Internet we created.

Vices often begin as prescriptions for what ails us. It took about 100 years to first popularize and then condemn cigarette smoking. Before the 1800’s you could use cocaine and opioids quite freely to relieve symptoms of everything diarrhea to toothache. Gun use is still debated despite the toll they’ve taken on human life. And we are just beginning the great cannabis experiment as entire cities are ingesting and inhaling altered states.

So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that thirty years after its invention as mankind’s savior and the repository of all human knowledge, the Internet has been declared a toxic dump. Cleanup solutions span everything from abdicating to the tech titans to work things out to serious regulation. Already some early trendsetters are declaring themselves social media free and are limiting their online life with evangelistic ferver.


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