In July of 2017 the Chinese government issued a development plan to make the country the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. So far things are going better than pretty well.
The government’s commitment to AI dominance, the sheer amount of data that a country as large as China can feed to its AI learning systems, a mobile-dominated infrastructure, and an edge on chip manufacturing for AI-intensive activities like facial and image recognition contribute to China’s AI success story.
Deep machine learning, the ability for machines to ingest data, learn from it and then make predictions from it requires lots of data. “There are 160 cities in China with over 1 million people; there are 10 in the U.S., says Deborah Weinswig, Senior Analyst for Fung. China now has 751 million people online (more than 95 percent of them access the internet using mobile devices, according to the China Internet Network Information Center).

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