Digital Money: I Like the Island of San Juan

One of the fascinating stories and possible blockbuster movie of the decade. First reported by NYT, a bunch of early crypto-evangelists have picked up their newly mined wealth and moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Some call it Puertotopia. (I like CryptoRico).


It’s a community based on a belief in virtual currency along with commitment to helping the people of Puerto Rico rebuild after Hurricane Maria. Michael Terpin of the Transform Group and Brock Pierce, an early crypto-evangelizer, have been Pied-Pipers of the movement. Originally driven to Puerto Rico as a refuge from state and federal taxes, the crypto devotees have fallen in love with the idea of rekindling economic growth on the island. Samantha Bee wonders aloud about the crypto-gangs intentions.


(Michael Terpin will be joining us at CES Asia in Shanghai this June for a BlockChain stage event.)