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Ride-Sharing: Lots of Holes to Be Plugged

The startup economy always has a niche waiting to be filled by a creative person, and that person is often looking for answer to what begins as a personal problem.   READ MORE
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Want to Be Coin Insider? Jump and Holler “HODL”

I’ve attended enough conferences about coins and cryptocurrency to know I’m watching world-changing history.   READ MORE

WoW Woman in Wearable Tech | Julie Sylvester, founding producer of the CES FitnessTech Summit

As the founding producer of the CES FitnessTech Summit, Julie Sylvester has over the past six years become a torchbearer for the FitnessTech world.   READ MORE

Why supermarkets want to sell you ugly fruits and vegetable

Food-waste activists think perfect-looking apples and potatoes should share the spotlight with their bruised brethren.   READ MORE