To Code or Read the Odyssey? That is the Question. (Ways to Teach Coding Part 1)

Education is a swinging pendulum. Whether the debate is to teach whole language learning or teach new math it seems to always be a battle of absolutes. Next battlefield? To code or not to code. Parents, nervous that their kids might live at home forever, combined with a job market in transition, are putting increased demands on educators to start teaching coding, and fast.

Pondering Creativity, Immortality and Borders with a 100 Year Old Ad Agency

Grey Advertising Agency just celebrated its 100th year anniversary. To put that in context, Mad Men looks like a young ‘un. To kickstart the next 100, the company asked every employee to have an EEG scan of their brains while wearing a 3D-printed bio-sensing, brainwave-monitoring headset. The scans were done while the employee was solving a work problem. A series of art works called “Brain Portraits” were created from the colorful scans, a reminder of a company’s greatest asset – the diversity of its employees and the different skills they bring to problem solving. A forward-thinking notion coming from a company that named itself after the grey walls (and suits) in their office.

Test Your Drone Knowledge

One day really soon we’re all going to need to have drone driver licenses or we can wait a few more years until we’re riding shotgun in our autonomously controlled drone vehicles. To kick off life in the drone lane the USS Intrepid: Sea Air and Space Museum, a 1943 aircraft carrier turned museum, recently opened their newest exhibit Drones: Is the Sky the Limit?

Hack Your Business Before Someone Else Does

What do Sony, Yahoo, Target, San Francisco’s Muni, presidential elections in two different countries, Orange is the New Black, and Bangladesh Bank have in common? Hacked. Typically, by finding a weak human link on the corporate chain who will click a link in an infected email. Hackers have quickly moved beyond just catch and release of data. The more lucrative pattern is to lock the data up for ransom.

So, You Thought It Was Just You and Friends on Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger has had more incarnations than the Buddha. You may think of it as a place to have private conversation between you and your buddies, but Facebook has other ideas. It wants to be the center of your commerce life.