Creating a Platform, Not a Product

Farhad Manjoo predicted the demise of gadgets in his NY Times column last week. To paraphrase Mark Twain, the demise was greatly exaggerated. Hardware is expensive to create, difficult to support, hard to get into distribution, and item…

'EXPLORE INNOVATION' When is CES 2017 and where is it held? Dates, tickets prices, exhibitor list, schedule and how to get there

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Living in Digital Times Explores the Business of Staying Fit at the FitnessTech Summit at CES 2017

The multi-billion-dollar fitness and technology market is in great shape.   READ MORE

7 companies that will make you rethink what fashion can do

“Tech folk and fashion folk are different, but both are problem solvers,” said Paul Dillinger, Levi’s vice president of global product innovation.   READ MORE

10 Under 20 was only mentioned in this one student's description.

Emma Yang, a Brearley School eighth-grader, wants to use technology to solve health care problems.   READ MORE

Augmented and Virtual Reality Makeover Apps, Smart Lasers, NailBots

Looking younger and feeling better are the hallmarks of the global beauty industry which is expected to reach $265 billion by 2017.   READ MORE

Find Out How Technology is Transforming the Digital Economy

Join us at the Digital Money Forum presented by Mastercard at CES 2017, January 5   From the early days of trading, to the last century when we moved from cash to credit cards, money has always been evolving.   READ MO…

From Augmented Reality to Voice Recognition to Wearable Tech

Living in Digital Times Previews Cutting-Edge Lifestyle Technologies at CES Unveiled New York   With eight weeks until the launch of thousands of new devices at CES® 2017, Living in Digital Times is offering a sneak peek at some…

Kids@Play/Family Tech Summit at CES 2017 Offers A Chance to See How New Technology is Changing Family Life

More than 90 percent of US households have at least three Internet-connected devices.  Kids – digital from birth – don't think twice about mixing digital with the real world.   READ MORE

Living in Digital Times Looks at the Eight Tech Trends at CES 2017 That Have the Greatest Impact on the Consumer Lifestyle Market

Tech industry giants, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and more will soon gather from around the world at CES® 2017, the center of innovation for the past 50 years.   READ MORE  

Peter Sylvester

Like his wife, Julie, Peter comes to CES with a history in theater. Formerly a performer, director and playwright, he served as the Artistic Director of the Synchronicity Theatre Group in New York for ten years.  Subsequently he returned to…