How I’ve Become a Human Lab Rat in the Name of Tech

Ah, the good old days when you plugged in a laptop, booted up a few apps and wrote a review. My life has become damn scary these days as most of the products I look at are actually looking at me. My body fat, my sleep habits, my steps per day, my brain age, my body age, even my blood composition. All being scrutinized.

The new tech paradox? The only way I can review these products is to review myself. (A narcissist’s delight.)

The Plot for Tech to Drive You Crazy


It’s a plot I tell you. Little things about the tech world are designed to make you think you’re crazy. Here’s my list of things that drove me to tech-stress this year. What’s on your list?

Phone Cases: Never mind the fact that there are enough of them so that each person on the planet can own 10, but they’re all flawed, each in their own way. I’ve used cases that I had to hold open like a book to my ear, others that made it impossible to plug in a headphone jack, and others that made volume control untouchable. Never mind the fact that you pay all this money to own a skinny phone and then add a case that causes serious pocket bulge (Hint: I did love my phone cover with my photo on it, given to me as a gift. It singlehandedly got my phone returned to me twice as people matched the phone to me — the one seated in 10B).