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Mommy Tech Summit

The buzz at Mommy Tech centered around the new interconnectivity of products.  Especially important for moms, this Internet of things offers solutions to everything from door locks to ovens.  Beyond just products, much of the day’s discussion focused on improving MomTrepreneurial skills, wearable technology and keeping kids connected, but safe, in an increasingly digital world. We also debuted Mommy Tech TV, a two-day live event from the showroom floor, with interviews with key players in the tech world such as Randi Zuckerberg, AOL’s Tiffany Schlain, Nolan Bushnell and corporate execs from companies like AT&T, Whirlpool, LG, and others showcasing their family strategies.  

[fancy_link link=”http://mommytechsummit.com/2014-summit-videos/” variation=”red”]View Videos[/fancy_link] [fancy_link link=”http://mommytechsummit.com/ces-2014-summit/” variation=”red”]View Photos[/fancy_link] [fancy_link link=”http://mommytechsummit.com/mommy-tech-tv-schedule-2014/” variation=”red”]View MommyTech TV[/fancy_link]

Kids@play Summit

For kids it was the year of tablets, app/toy hybrid games, and wonderfully delightful creativity/maker products. We even had a full digital playground on the show floor, built by Playworld Systems. Kids@Play Summit,  led by  Warren Buckleitner, looked at the opportunities and challenges alike with wisdom from Leapfrog’s John Barbour, Yahoo! Tech’s  David Pogue,  Kindoma, Fingerprint, Play-i Vexx, and Kurio – many of the products unveiled at the conference are destined to be on the radar in 2014. 

[fancy_link link=”http://kidsatplaysummit.com/2014-videos-2/” variation=”red”]View Videos[/fancy_link]  [fancy_link link=”http://kidsatplaysummit.com/2014-summit-photos/” variation=”red”]View Photos[/fancy_link]

KAPi Awards

The fifth annual KAPI Awards were given out by a distinguished panel of tech and educational judges.  To view this and past year’s KAPI winners,   visit our website below.

[fancy_link link=”http://kapiawards.com/” variation=”red”]View Website [/fancy_link]

Sports and Fitness Tech Summit

Over at the FitnessTech Summit, the joint was jumping with new wearables.  We looked at how advancements in algorithms and sensor technology are creating a new generation of smarter fitness wearables, and looked at the marketplace from sports training to childhood fitness.  At the center of the devices was the human quantified self. Some of the largest footprints on the show floor included Fitbit, Polar, ANT+, Jaybird, GeoPalz, Looxcie, Withings and Basis. 


MommyTech TV

You’ve seen seen technology reshape family life. Mom’s are at the center of so many of these connections. If you’ve seen the MommyTech Summit you’ll be excited to see us out of the conference room and onto the show floor getting ‘hands on’ with the latest products, solutions and expert advice. Introducing MommyTech TV at CES 2014. It will be broadcast from the MommyTech showfloor at the Venetian, and will be produced by media personality and expert Andrea Smith, and will feature influencers including Beth Blecherman of Techmamas.com and Rebecca Levey of KidzVuz. 

MommyTech TV at the 2014 International CES:

  • Look at the latest technologies announced at the show, from a family perspective.
  • Host mom bloggers and women thought leaders sharing their thoughts and ideas about innovative products and personal favorites.
  • Have demo sessions featuring some of CES’s most exciting products.
  • Host coffee klatch conversations about raising a family in the digital age.
  • Provide ‘how to’ tips to teach others how to get the most out of their digital tools.
  • Get opinions of tech experts – moms and dads, too 

[fancy_link link=”http://mommytechsummit.com/mommy-tech-tv-schedule-2014/” variation=”red”]View TV[/fancy_link]

Battle Of The Bands

The conference ended with the first-ever Battle of the Bands, pitting  wearables companies against each other to test both their wearable tech and their musical skills.  Want to see who won and other highlights of the Fitness Tech Summit? [fancy_link link=”http://sportsandfitnesstech.com/battle-of-the-bands/” variation=”red”]Click Here[/fancy_link]

Fashionware Show

In the FashionWare Pavilion, we featured mannequins dressed in the latest high tech wearables, from headsets to motion controlled LED dresses.  In the evening, the mannequins came to life in  FashionWare Wearable Tech Show. Featuring twelve young designers’ outfits and a plethora of wearable gadgets including wristbands, smart sneakers, crystal-crusted iPad cases, and 3-D printer-created high heels, the show demonstrated that wearble technology can be fashionable, fun and functional.



Digital Health Summit

The fastest growing segment of CES, this year’s Digital Health Summit, brought two days of insight into consumer decision-making, new tools for prevention and wellness, future trends in wearable technology, and industry-changing strategies driven by technology and consumer demands. A panel of five people whose lives were saved by digital technology was a highlight of the show. The Everyday Health Awards for Innovation were handed out at the end of day two, click here to see the finalists and winners 

 [fancy_link link=”http://digitalhealthsummit.com/2014-summit-videos-day-1/” variation=”red”]View Video[/fancy_link][fancy_link link=”http://digitalhealthsummit.com/brace-yourself-your-new-trainer-is-your-boss/” variation=”red”]View Photos[/fancy_link][fancy_link link=”http://digitalhealthsummit.com/2014-tv-live-showfloor/” variation=”red”]View Digital Health LIVE[/fancy_link]


Robotics on the Runway

A private evening event, co-hosted with CEA, was made memorable with  the first ever Robotics on the Runway show, a fashion show of robotics.  The crowd was moved to tears as Eksobonics showed off the Ekso, a rehabilitation exoskeletion designed to help paraplegics walk and regain better leg function. See these exciting robotics and clips from the show here. On the show floor, companies like MD Revolution, Misfit Wearables, Qardio, Interaxon, Neurosky, Omron and UnitedHealthcare had crowds three deep for almost the entire show.

 [fancy_link link=”http://news.discovery.com/tech/videos/robots-on-the-runway-at-ces-2014-video.htm” variation=”red” target=”blank”]View Videos[/fancy_link][fancy_link link=”http://digitalhealthsummit.com/2014-robotics-gallery/” variation=”red” target=”blank”]View Photos[/fancy_link]