The Emotionally Intelligent Smart Home

Not content with just dimming the lights or turning on the thermostat? New automation systems really get to know you. Read More

Learning to Play Again

Just got back from the first World Congress of Play, a symposium created to cross-pollinate the kids toy, tech, licensing, content, advertising, marketing and other members of the play industry that are finding it hard to find their rightful…

Forget About Parents: Tapping Into Grandparent Power

Parents are the world's busiest people. Carving out 15 minutes to read a bedtime story or play a game of Go Fish is not easy. But, grandparents have what parents do not: time and patience. And now, thanks to the Internet, they've got proximity,…

The Parent's Guide to College Kids Circa 2014

It's not your grandparent's college anymore. Technology, like it does to everything else, has changed the sorts of decisions that parents need to make when they're sending their kids off to school. Here are some general tips on how to stay (and…

Eight Great Pieces of Gear to Take Kayaking

As the founder and producer of the Sports and Fitness Tech Summit at CES each year, I feel the need to take the tools of the high-tech outdoor sports trade out for a spin as often as I can. This year it was a six-day kayak trip -- 70 miles down…

Battle of the Coasts: San Diego and New York City Race for Digital Health Dollars

This is a tale of two coasts and two conferences. The Digital Health Summer Summit in San Diego on June 13th and 14th and the Digital Health Summit in New York on June 26th.  Read More

Toy Fair Tech: A Mash-up of Toy Companies Mostly Playing It Safe

This year, the "T" in toy stands for tumult. As I walked the seemingly never-ending aisles of the 110th annual American International Toy Fair at the Javits Center in New York City, I was struck by the old world of plush toys and hula hoops…

A Look at Some of the Most Innovative Gadgets at 2013 CES

At this year's 2013 International CES, there will be approximately 3,000 new product introductions. But, how many of them will make it to market and become household names? Read More

Silvers Are the New Black at 2013 CES

It shouldn't come as any surprise that Amour, a film about the deep love between two octogenarians, is an Oscar contender. Read More

Kids and Moms and Tech Part II: Searching for the Elusive Mommy Market

So, in "Kids and Moms and Tech Part I" we expounded upon the latest in children's technology, but for every kid, there's a parent in the wings. And tech companies are paying attention. Read More