Get Ready for a CES New Year


For some of us the end of one year and the beginning of the other signals the coming of the International CES as much as any other event. While we try squeeze in as much of the holiday season as we can, we can’t help but turn to some of our high tech partners to get us through the end of the year and off to Vegas.

We’ve survived Hanukkah, Christmas, Boxing Day and Kwanzaa relying on decorating tips from Martha Stewart, movies from Netflix and video games from Nintendo. With N

ew Year’s celebrations looming before us, we have a few tips and recipes from some of our other friends to ring in the New Year and get us ready for the International CES 2013. A few helpful hints from our kitchen expert Lyn Cook of Whirlpool will make sure the gravy remains lump free and the

 last holiday meal of the season is a fabulous success.

• Gravy: Use those grease drippings!! The key to cooking good gravy is to collect drippings from the turkey. If the dripping is stuck to the bottom of the pan, use some chicken stock to loosen it up.

• To thicken gravy: Make a roux: you can use flour or corn starch by using 5 Tbsp of fat and 5 Tbsp of flour.

• Tools: Using a flat-botto

m whisk is easiest because it can get into the corners of the pot better than a normal circular whisk.

• Cooking: Let roux heat fo

r 2 or 3 minutes. Then add HEATED stock. If you add cold stock to the hot roux mix, it will cause lumps. Keep stirring to avoid lumps. Continue cooking until thickens. Remember, you can always add more stock if needed. If it’s too thin, just put it in the oven to thicken it.

• Lumps even after all of this? Put it in the blender

• Add spices as you like: garlic, paprika, a dash of mustard, a splash of ketchup

For one last burst of energy before CES don’t skip dessert.– unless of course you are hosting the Fitness Tech conference, but for those of you aren’t yet watching your waistline –here are a few delicacies to try before you make the New Year resolution.

Eggnog Crème Brulee – Need I say more.

• The Champagne Cobbler from

 the NY is a great way to use the cheaper champagne stuck in the closet since last year’s New Year’s Eve Celebration

New Year’s Eve parties are adult themed, involving the kids can present special challenges. Here are a few tips and activities from our on-line friends for keeping the ki• Countdown Cheesecake – will keep the eyes open until the clock strikes 12 and signals one week to go before the International CES 2013 Since many


ddies involved, safe and excited for the New Year.

This is Not an App – a fun app for kids from Keri Smith author of This is Not a Book – allows kids ages to start the year off right by recording, drawing and using their imagination to take a journey of discovery and exploring different media of electronic expression.

Cubify – Creating on-line printing on the cube in your living room. Using the on-line site and the “cube” the first in-home 3D printer. Kids can create 3D photos, jewelry and toys using the on-line application and downloading and printing on their own printer.

• Learn how to say Happy New Year in Several Languages. Using the Google translator – the little ones can make fun cards with Happy New Year in different languages and ask the adult guests to guess the language and the pronunciation – make sure they have the key in phonetic spelling.

• Some good flicks to watch on New Year’s Day come from Reelz See you in Vegas! And happy new year. 


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