High Tech/Low Cost Gifts for the Older Folks in Your Life

Technology can be an older person’s best friend—keeping them connected when it may be difficult to get out, keeping them safe, keeping them entertained, and keeping them physically and mentally engaged.

Here are a couple of ideas that I really like as gifts for an older population.

5star ResponderGreatCall’s 5Star Emergency Response System and Medical Apps – A small clip on device, this personal emergency system lets you help keep your loved ones safe, even when they’re out of their homes, because it relies on the cellular network. Press the button on the device and the service connects you to a GreatCall operator trained to help in emergencies. Enter your doctor’s name, family members and medical advice into the MyGreatCall database and you can rest easier knowing there’s a safety net in place. $49.99 for the 5Star device; $14.99/month for service.

PhotoBucket Storing photos in cloud makes it easy to share your photos with the whole family; it’s a great way to keep close. Photobucket provides tools for easy upload from any device, easy editing tools, and a way to share videos and photos from any device. Free sign-up. Manage remotely to update every occasion. Costs vary by storage space. Another new way to share photos is with cloud based apps that can share photos directly to any device like this one from CloudFrame or Familiar. Both of these can turn any iPad, smartphone or desktop into a photo gallery controlled “by the kids”.

Biscotti™ TV Cam Check in on loved ones from the comfort of your living room using the Biscotti TV Cam. The sleek, small device is easy to use and turns televisions into a giant, high definition video phone, no computer required, $199.

Netflix What I like about NetFlix as a gift for older parents and grandparents is that you can manage it for them. (Just don’t choose the movies that you’d like to see; remember it’s for them.) Your parents (or grandparents) can instantly watch unlimited movies & TV show episodes streaming over the Internet to the TV via most internet connected devices. Or they can just get the DVD or BluRay in the mail. $7.99/month and up depending on service plan.

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