Time for the Kids to Become the Online Teachers

Change has always been the domain of the young. From the end of the Vietnam War to the Arab Spring, it’s not parents who are out there advocating change, it’s the youth. In the online world, it’s time to get kids, especially the web-savvy…

Introducing Wellocracy at the 2013 Silvers Summit

Wellocrasy to launch at International CES 2013 Silvers Summit. Check it out: http://chealthblog.connected-health.org/2012/11/25/wellocracy-is-coming-watch-for-it/

Welcome: Yomi Abiola!

Welcome to Yomi Abiola, curator for this year’s FashionWare exhibit and party at International CES 2013. We’ll be celebrating the latest wearable fashions from designers all over the world and we’ll be contributing a portion of the proceeds…

Tech Help for Aging's Little Problems

Try as you might to stay looking and feeling your youngest, there’s no denying that eyesight, reflexes, memory, and hearing all reach a peak and then slowly slip.  Irritating? Certainly. But technology is getting better and better about picking…

Holiday Gifts for Boomers and Seniors

Our good friend, Susan Ayers Walker, who co-founded the Silvers Summit at CES, shares a few of her best gift ideas at one of our favorite sites, Techlicious:  http://www.techlicious.com/guide/holiday-2012-tech-gifts-for-seniors/
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Moms and Kids are Front and Center at the 2013 International CES

Moms and Kids are Front and Center at the 2013 International CES Nolan Bushnell, David Pogue & Warren Buckleitner among Featured Speakers; Registration open at cesweb.org     (New York, NY) October 31, 2012 – Learn what today’s…

High Tech/Low Cost Gifts for the Older Folks in Your Life

Technology can be an older person’s best friend—keeping them connected when it may be difficult to get out, keeping them safe, keeping them entertained, and keeping them physically and mentally engaged. Here are a couple of ideas that I…

Lessons from Sandy: High Tech Tools for the Next Disaster

When your home is on the banks of the Hudson River, you take tide charts and barometric readings very seriously. But when the Internet stops working, it’s time to rely on your wits and a few handy gadgets. Robin Raskin, founder of Living in…

Boomers Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft's new Windows 8 has been evaluated from many different angles, but what’s the benefit of the upgrade to those of us way-back Windows users? Gary Kaye, who will be hosting a panel at this year’s Silvers Summit, looks at Win8 to…

Google Plus Grandma: How Smart Moms Survive In The Information Jungle by Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is SVP, Global Director of McCann Truth Central at McCann Erickson and the author of this piece which first appeared on Engage: Moms published by Mediapost. Once upon a time we lived in a world of village parenting where…