Take Back Your Mobile Bill (Give Back Something Too)

Einstein likely would have been flummoxed given the chance to read his mobile phone bill. Page after page of inscrutable charges leave mobile consumers forever perplexed as to whether they’re getting what they paid for with their mobile service. According to Todd Dunphy and Tom Pepe, cofounders of Validas, wireless waste (paid-for, unused minutes) estimates for the US hover around $52.1 billion monthly.

Validas helps enterprise mobile customers find efficiencies in breaking into consumer territory, via a new mobile app out this month called Vera.  Currently Validas services about one-third of the Fortune 500 companies, helping them better understand their mobile usage.

This fall the company is offering Vera for regular-Joe consumers. Vera monitors your mobile usage and determines whether you’ve chosen the plan that best fits your needs. Through the same program used to analyze corporate data, Vera analyzes your personal or family plan each month. A recommendation engine provides money saving alternatives. “80% of users are oversubscribed to their plans, by about $20 a month,” say the company’s founders. That means you can save more than $200 a year by putting Vera to work.

To add icing to the cake, Validas offers its users a chance to take their savings and donate them to charity. At launch, Validas is backing the 7Bar Foundation, a microfinance organization that helps women worldwide. A donation is as easy as a one button click.

Vera’s official launch is on November 14th, with a special fashion show at the United Nations.

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