In the “truth is stranger than fiction” category, I bumped into a Necomimi-wearing woman at an event the other night. Necomimis are “brainwave-calculating” animatronic animal ears. They sense your “mood” and flop down or perk up accordingly.

The Necomimi consists of a headband and fuzzy cat ears – like a fuzzier Catwoman. The ears are battery operated and have a servo motor inside them. Attached to the ears is a small sensor the size of a bindi that sits smack atop your eyebrow.  The sensor reacts to your expression changes and the ears react accordingly. Not exactly reading your mind (or your brainwaves) but Groucho Marx’s ears would have really done some flip flopping.

The ears react to four things: full relaxation, mild interest, peaked interested, and intense focus, based on your eyebrow movements. I wouldn’t use this as a mood detector, and certainly not a lie detector but if your Halloween costume involves a fuzzy suit and a tail, you really need these ($100).

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