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Hidden: A Mobile Wireless Speaker with a Fresh Design

They look like a collection of  tin canisters. There’s no sign of a logo anywhere on the device. Aptly named “Hidden” this speaker is one of the easiest and elegant wireless solutions we’ve seen. You simply press down and twist the cannister, the way you might open a pill box. Suddenly a delicate blue light indicates your Bluetooth connection awaits and a hidden 360 degree speaker emerges. The further you lift the cap, the more the volume increases. (It tops out at over 90dB.) It’s compact, lightweight and sounds surprisingly full and robust. 

The designers are industrial designers with an eye towards simplicity and elegance. They began their efforts on Kickstarter and quickly garnered nearly a million dollars in funds. To connect your Bluetooth device you turn the device (iPad, mobile phone) on. No complicated pairing or bizarre codes to enter. As an extra benefit there’s an AM/FM radio built in, though there is no manual station selection — it’s a seek and find. The batteries support 30 hours of streaming music. Or get creative and use it as a table top speaker with a Skype call. Price: $119. 

To see them in action watch this Vimeo clip.

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