Stress: What Would Arianna Do?

Arianna Huffington gets stressed out too! I don’t know why, but I take great comfort when people who look pressed and pretty all the time confess that they need to deal with stress just like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us who keep our stress to teeth grinding or lip biting, Arianna Huffington shares her taming stress message via a new campaign – a GPS for the Soul app.

Hopping on the “body as sensor” technology movement, the Huffington Post announced GPS for the Soul, a movement designed to tame the stress monster. It will take the form of an app created in partnership with HeartMath (creators of EmWave2, a handheld biofeedback like device that tries to achieve what  they call “heart coherence”) and bLife, an app developer that specializes in health-related apps.

The goal is to provide people with tools, techniques and technology to take charge of stress and find more joy, peace and quality in life.  The GPS for the Soulwebsite on HuffPo is already providing content devoted to reducing stress and enhancing spirituality and mindfulness.  

Unrelated to the HuffPo campaign, we’re seeing attempts to bring rising stress levels under control. I’ve been playing with ZEO, a $99 bluetooth-enabled sleep monitor that works with your smartphone and an app to track sleep patterns, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle factors for achieving optimal REM and deep sleep. Better sleep quality, according to research, leads to less stress.

And just for kicks, according to the American Psychological Association, Americans are masters of stress, with 22% reporting being extremely stressed, and study after study linking stress to chronic disease.

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