What do a baby stroller, an iPhone controlled sphere, an innovative camera, and a new gaming machine have in common? They’re all in the running in the final weeks of the Last Gadget Standing competition. Last Gadget takes its cue from the exhaustion of trekking through miles of CES trade show floors to find the winning products. In a large ballroom (or in the comfort of your own home online) we give you the best products you may have never heard of and ask you (not the journalists) to vote for the product that will stand the test of time, and change the way we use technology.

Here are a few of the highlights of this year’s competition.  Voting begins on Monday. For a complete list head to the LGS page.

  1. Origami Stroller (4Moms) – This stroller has headlights and a cell charger, plus it folds itself. High tech for the 2 month old.
  2. Sperho (Orbotix) – A rolling ball controlled by cell phone. Sort of a cross between a video game and an MIT robotics course.
  3. Lytro light field camera (Lytro) – A truly revolutionary camera that captures light in such a way that you can actually re-focus the captured images. Who would have thought it was even possible. Goto the web site for amazing demos.
  4. Telcare BGM blood glucose monitor – A cell-enabled glucose meter.
  5. Looxcie – This head-mounted video camera can stream live, while skiing, cycling, partying, whatever. It’s about the size of a Bluetooth headset, and has full motion video.
  6. eers custom fit headphones (Sonomax) – Go to a retailer, and the headphone is molded to your ear, for the perfect fit. And a perfect fit means better sound at reduced levels.
  7. Perch – A charger reminder-device that plugs in between your cell charger and the wall – it beeps if you unplug your cell phone, reminding you to take that charger home from the hotel.
  8. Swivl – A holder for a cell phone or small video camera that follows your movement, so you can be a one-person videographer, or you can set it to follow your kids as they play.
  9. Calisto 835 (Plantronics) – A computer communication device, styled like a phone dialpad, that makes it easy to use pc-based communication systems, as well as your mobile phone and home or office phone all from one spot.
  10. Basis band – A band for your wrist that measures blood flow, acceleration, temperature, and more, to provide a full view of your personal wellness.
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