New Headsets from Plantronics Means Good Things for Busy Parents

I’m not one for walking around the streets looking like a plainclothes detective; nor do I like driving with a Bluetooth headset (it’s still distracting) but I sure like wearing Bluetooth around the house and office.  No one I’m talking to needs to know that my hands are busy cooking dinner, scrubbing floors or just clearing the desktop while we talk. I haven’t perfected the art of exercising while talking, but I’m working on it.

So it’s in the spirit of parent-dom that I looked at Plantronics new headset lineup.

Marque M155 is the lightest of the bunch offering Bluetooth earpiece that weighs only 7 grams (my internal gram converter isn’t too sharp, but this is really light on the ear).  The price is pretty light, too – only $60. The headset will take a verbal command to answer, and comes with voice instructions that pair with your smartphone.

Moving up the chain, is the new Voyager Pro HD. The Voyager line is the one with the secretary-like microphone and is the best for eliminating background noise, wind and other annoyances when you’re speaking. The coolest feature on this headset is proximity sensing. The Voyager knows when it’s near your ear versus when it’s shoved in your handbag: it turns on when it senses your ear, pauses music if you’re playing it, and shuts itself off when left on its own. You can listen to music, books, get instructions from your GPS, and pair it with multiple devices. A little too big to be a fashion accessory (some might consider this a good thing), but the Voyager Pro HD might be the most utilitarian headset ever. The Voyager Pro HD retails for $99.

And for those of you, like me, who can lose headsets as often as our keys and sunglasses, the answer might be the M20. It’s only $30 and the battery life is stellar.

The sweetest part of the deal is Plantronics new Vocalyst service, which allows you to send email and receive voice transcriptions of your emails, update Twitter and Facebook, make notes to yourself, check the weather, and dial into a conference call – all hands free.  Now if only they could install a “find me” app that would beep when I set them down somewhere.  Vocalyst is powered by Dial2Do, the first year of Vocalyst is free, after that it’s a $25 annual subscription.