The whole world is moving towards screens. Screens to read magazines, screens for textbooks, and screens for all sorts of information on the go. HP is putting their money on the old printed word in a new, broad strategy announced today.

All of the new HP printers are connected to the web and able to receive content – just like your email account, the printer has its own IP address. HP claims 10 million+ web-connected printers are on desktops already.

And HP has quietly been launching content in the form of apps – everything from Daily Read and Disney, to Leapfrog and Leadership advice in the form of print apps that can be scheduled to be sent directly to your printer.  The HP ePrint Center manages the apps online. Coupons and offers sent to your printer are also a big component of the program.

The biggest part of the announcement comes from a Conde Nast-HP agreement to send Conde Nast magazines including : Allure, Details, Epicurious, Glamour, Golf Digest, Self, and Wired right to your home printer. Stephen Nigro, Senior Vice President at the Inkjet Group, said the magazines would be printed in their entirety and be formatted to look good on your printer.

Just in case you were starting to have visions of your ink consumption going through the roof, listen up. The new HP Instant Ink pilot will let you order monthly shipments of ink – that show up whether you need them or not for $5.99 (consumer pricing).

Bucking the trend of reading on screens, HP believes that print is ever portable, enjoyable and available on demand. It’s an ambitious direction that defies current trends.  So, are you up for an inked world?

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