Tech Geeks, Creative Types, And Their Smartphones

Some fun new data from Qumu, the internet business video platform provider, indicates that Americans think that the release of a new smartphone matters to anyone – 88% of Americans, to be precise.  Who do they think a new smartphone release – say, the amped-up new iPhone 4s being released October 14 – would matter to? Tech Geeks (69%), Teenagers (56%), Creative Types (26%), People Who Are Promiscuous (8%), and People Who Can’t Get Dates (5%). That last one’s got me.

They also had some things to say about smartphones and apps at work – 91% believe that smartphones or tablets “are at least somewhat influential in their owner’s tendency to misbehave at work”. And 76% believe that apps featuring things like pornography, social networking, and games should be banned at work. We all know the 8-hour work day doesn’t really exist as such, but banning apps at work seems a little Big Brother…

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