What is LIDT?

Living in Digital Times (LIDT) produces two and four-day showcases of products and conferences that look at new technology through the lens of solving real people’s problems. We are proud partners of CEA®, producer of CES® in Las Vegas each January.

Who Attends: Industry thought leaders who want to see new products in the context of doing business in the real world. Press, analysts, regulators and legislators, real life practitioners, retail and distributors, manufacturers, educators. It’s where leaders in consumer electronics champion innovation.

For 2016, CES expands it’s footprint at the Sands Expo to accommodate emerging technologies and the hottest trends that further shape the technology industry. Join LIDT and their complete event portfolio to showcase the most celebrated and trending technologies.

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Digital Health Summit

The pace of innovation in the Digital Health arena exceeds all other areas of tech innovation. The Digital Health Summit focuses on the intersection of technology, health and wellness. You’ll hear solutions for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of illnesses, from obesity to asthma, from poor vision or hearing to high blood pressure. Learn about gamification and explore new breakthroughs in personalized medicine. Hear how telemedicine, robotics, gene sequencing, real-time medical monitoring, and smart wearables are changing healthcare. The doctor is now literally “in your pocket.”


Goodbye, digital couch potatoes. Today there are hundreds of ways to use technology to make your workouts and outdoor activities more fun, more effective and safer. Whether you’re summiting K2, taking a leisurely bike ride, diving the deep seas, or just watching your caloric intake, fitness has gone high-tech. The quantified-self movement is helping individuals do everything from improve their ski stances to avoid debilitating injuries. At FitnessTech, you’ll see the breadth of tools and services for the fitness enthusiast and get educated about the key trends impacting this multi-billion dollar industry.

Digital Money

That $5 bill you carry around in your wallet today will be an anachronism tomorrow. But what will replace it? The Digital Money Forum highlights the financial companies and hightech developers offering a dizzying array of financial tools and solutions at the heart of digital commerce. From e-wallets to mobile payment systems, from virtual currency to cryptographic solutions, the Forum is designed to educate the industry on the digitization of money.

Family Tech Summit

The family that techs together stays together. From communications to homework, from cooking to entertainment, tech has become the sidekick to today’s busy families. This year the Internet of Things—where we’re connected to everything from our thermostats to our door locks—is taking center stage along with mobile devices, wearables, health and beauty, and Dad’s coolest tools.



Today’s kids are tomorrow’s digital consumers and they’re experiencing nothing short of a renaissance in their worlds of play and learning. In 2015, new technologies like tablets, wearables, smart watches and gesture based systems will continue to change the play landscape. Creators are rushing to win the hearts and minds of a new, very sophisticated audience. Retailers, content providers, distributors, content developers, toy industry pros, educators, policy makers and inventors of new CE devices will gather to experience the products and flesh out the new world of play and learning. Plus we bring you the KAPi Awards (kapiawards.com) as a tribute to the best in kids media.


Technology is disrupting education as we know it, with the web as a repository for our cumulative information and misinformation. Prompted by a transition in job skills required for the 21st century, the ability to personalize education and the rising costs of education, we are at a juncture unlike any other. We’ll explore the dynamic environment that is dependent on mobile technology, entrepreneurial educators, massively open online courses and cloud-based tools. The rise in entrepreneurial ideas to create a 21st century campus involves everything from using augmented reality and printing to mobile devices, digital text and universal affordable online education. We’ll explore virtual simulations, course management and creation systems, mobile field work, enhanced whiteboard experiences, social networking, entrepreneurial courses and digital portfolios. Get an inside look at the latest high-tech education companies, hear from the top thought leaders in education and find out how your company can join this lucrative evolution of learning.


Want the secret to feeling younger, more invigorated and even better looking at CES® 2016? Join us at BeautyTech. Advances in technology are creating the most rapid change in the beauty industry since the invention of the blow dryer. Thanks to a new understanding of the skin’s composition, we have new tools to analyze and correct imperfections. New regimes for healthier hair, whiter teeth, more beautiful eyes, improved skin, and better posture—there is no aspect of beauty that has not been given a tech makeover. Plus we’ll look at the beauty tools that help you re-imagine your looks—virtual reality and makeover apps let you experiment with various ‘yous’ and will create a demand for products based on a preview of the outcome.


Bringing up a baby is a $23 billion dollar industry with some 4 million babies born in the US every year. More than ever young families rely on a bevy of technology to help them get through the day. Bluetooth enabled devices from smart pacifiers to smart baby bottles. smartphone enabled fertility monitors, sonograms, music playlists, strollers with GPS, sensor-filled infant car seats, GPS bracelets… the list of modern day Internet enabled baby devices is almost overwhelming. At BabyTech we explore the best of breed, the new retail opportunities, the characteristics of today parents (and grandparents) and the remarkable power of using tech to quantify a baby’s life.

Last Gadget Standing

A perennial attendee favorite, Last Gadget Standing challenges contenders to give the product demo of their lives. At stake: bragging rights as the product “most likely to change the face of technology.” See all the competitors strut their stuff in this inventive, fast-paced competition. Guest emcees Gary Dell&rsAbate and Jon Hein from the Howard Stern Show are slated to host the event.

Mobile Apps Showdown

Are you ready for a showdown? Pit your mobile app against the competition during the Mobile Apps Showdown at the CES® 2016! App producers will have four minutes to demo their app and an applause-o-meter measures audience enthusiasm to determine the winner. There is also an online vote to determine a separate online winner. Guest emcees Gary Dell’Abate and Jon Hein from the Howard Stern Show are slated to host the event.

Students! You can show us your apps too.
The Kay Family Foundation appreneurscholars.com.



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For exhibiting and speaking/sponsoring opportunities, email: info@livingindigitaltimes.com or call 201-564-7900