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  • Time for the Kids to Become the Online Teachers

    Change has always been the domain of the young. From the end of the Vietnam War to the Arab Spring, it’s not parents who are out there advocating change, it’s the youth. In the online world, it’s time to get kids, especially the web-savvy ones, …

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  • No More Eye Patches: Kids with Amblyopia Wear Cool Electronic Glasses Instead

    No, they’re not for skiing, or for looking cool. Amblyz electronic glasses are the modern-day answer for all those young kids forced to wear eye patches as a treatment for amblyopia. Amblyopia, often referred to as “lazy eye”, is a neural disorder affecting three to …

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  • Ebooks versus Apps for Kids

    What’s the difference between a kid’s app and a kid’s ebook?   Oh, about $10. There are a few other differences, sure.  E-books tell more of a story and have less in-book games. Apps have more interactivity and play.  But just by calling something an ebook …

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  • Can Gamification Help Solve the Kids’ Privacy Problem?

    Sigh.   We’ve seen this one before. The stage is set for the next bout between concerned parents and watchdog groups and web and mobile sites that cater to kids.  Because it’s so easy to glean information about kids habits, whereabouts and friends using the technologies …

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  • History is Made at CES Kids@Play: 6 Mobile Devices Just for Kids

    Here’s the logic. If kids covet their parents iPads and iPhones,  and if Android devices are beginning to catch up on sales of phones and tablets, will kids then want their own Android devices.  Hard to predict, but at CES Kids@Play, Warren Buckleitner, moderated a …

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  • Nearly 100% of Kids in US Play Video Games

    According to a new kids and gaming study by the NPD group, video gaming popularity among kids ages two to 17 is still growing at a rapid pace with 91% of kids in the US using electronic games of some type. Equally as impressive, the …

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  • Social Media Sites

    Brazil Leads in Pre-Teen Social Network Usage

    Trend Micro, an Internet safety and security company, recently released findings of a technology use survey of parents and kids across the globe. Interestingly, Brazilian parents and kids seem to have a growing, and perhaps the largest, problem with social networking. While the survey asked parents …

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  • Spaadventure

    Trendspotting: Parents Earn Play Rewards for Kids

    I first saw this with Knowledge Adventure’s Spa Adventure game – a Facebook social game where moms could earn points for their kids to spend in the virtual JumpStart world. Now WebKinz from Ganz is offering parents a chance to do the same. In Ganz …

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  • MyKeepOn Combats Autism

    The adorable, plain-looking robot KeepOn was initially invented to be a therapists tool in helping to treat autistic kids. Developed by Marek Michalowski, the idea was for a therapist to control the toy from a remote location using a video camera embedded in the robot …

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