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Time for the Kids to Become the Online Teachers

Change has always been the domain of the young. From the end of the Vietnam War to the Arab Spring, …

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No More Eye Patches: Kids with Amblyopia Wear Cool Electronic Glasses Instead

No, they’re not for skiing, or for looking cool. Amblyz electronic glasses are the modern-day answer for all those young …

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Ebooks versus Apps for Kids

What’s the difference between a kid’s app and a kid’s ebook?   Oh, about $10. There are a few other differences, …

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Can Gamification Help Solve the Kids’ Privacy Problem?

Sigh.   We’ve seen this one before. The stage is set for the next bout between concerned parents and watchdog groups …

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History is Made at CES Kids@Play: 6 Mobile Devices Just for Kids

Here’s the logic. If kids covet their parents iPads and iPhones,  and if Android devices are beginning to catch up …

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Nearly 100% of Kids in US Play Video Games

According to a new kids and gaming study by the NPD group, video gaming popularity among kids ages two to …

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Social Media Sites

Brazil Leads in Pre-Teen Social Network Usage

Trend Micro, an Internet safety and security company, recently released findings of a technology use survey of parents and kids across …

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Trendspotting: Parents Earn Play Rewards for Kids

I first saw this with Knowledge Adventure’s Spa Adventure game – a Facebook social game where moms could earn points …

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MyKeepOn Combats Autism

The adorable, plain-looking robot KeepOn was initially invented to be a therapists tool in helping to treat autistic kids. Developed …

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