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  • Time for the Kids to Become the Online Teachers

    Change has always been the domain of the young. From the end of the Vietnam War to the Arab Spring, it’s not parents who are out there advocating change, it’s the youth. In the online world, it’s time to get kids, especially the web-savvy ones, …

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  • Trend Micro Focuses on Social Networking Protection

    It’s a constant game of social networking leapfrog: the good guys versus the bad guys trying to scam you into someplace you shouldn’t be, leaving you and your family’s online security at jeopardy. Titanium, Trend Micro’s latest product, offers its usual state-of-the-art anti-virus protection, but …

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  • The Perfect Storm: Facebook, The FTC and The New World of Web Kids

    On the Internet, if you’re under thirteen years old, you don’t belong in most places.  Sites like Facebook, in particular, have made it abundantly clear that those under the age of thirteen are trespassers, subject to deportation.  But three things are changing the picture and …

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  • Social Media Sites

    Brazil Leads in Pre-Teen Social Network Usage

    Trend Micro, an Internet safety and security company, recently released findings of a technology use survey of parents and kids across the globe. Interestingly, Brazilian parents and kids seem to have a growing, and perhaps the largest, problem with social networking. While the survey asked parents …

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  • Internet Thought Leaders Address CE Week Audience

    Come on, ‘fess up: Each of us knows someone that’s done something really regrettable on the Internet. Maybe it’s not on the Anthony Weiner scale, but a wrongly-worded email, unintended recipient, infidelity, or a rant about the boss can have huge consequences for kids and …

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