Executive Summary

2012 was the largest CES show ever in terms of attendance, media coverage and new products launched. We had over 500 press stories including Forbes, CBS, Boston Globe, CNET, ABC, Lifetime, Scientific American, KGO TV, All Things D, LA Times, Atlantic Monthly, Engadget, Gizmodo, Denver Post, Hollywood Reporter, Montreal Gazette, PC World, and many others.

Since its beginning at the Sands Convention Center, in 2008, LIDT has grown nearly ten fold, and we just keep going. In 2013, LIDT will occupy nearly 40,000 square feet of space at CES.

Our goal is to make exhibiting at CES a cost effective, less labor intensive, and more rewarding experience for lifestyle tech vendors. We accomplish this by providing an atmosphere of shared resources and a consultative approach to show planning.



Conference Highlights


Kids@Play and MommyTech

David Pogue, New York Times Columnist, had a relaxing fireside chat with Warren Buckleitner (Children’s Technology Review) and Andrea Smith (ABC News).
Asi Burack, Co-Founder of Games for Change and Dale Dougherty of Maker Media talked about the future of kids as game creators and as makers of all things. Click here for the video.


Silvers Summit

Marty Cooper invented the first cell phone about forty years ago, and he hasn’t stopped innovating since. He spoke about the nascent industry of mobile communications and how silvers will benefit. Emilio Pardo told the crowds about AARP’s dedication to technology as an agent of change for an aging population..


HigherEdTECH Summit

Keynote Michael Powell, President and CEO of the National Cable & Telecom-munications Association (NCTA), spoke eloquently and inspirationally on the marriage of technology and education to help rebuild the American dream. Later that afternoon Scott McNealy, Co-founder and former CEO, Sun Microsystems and Casey Green, Director of The Campus Computing Project, engaged in a lively exchange about the current state of education and McNealy’s new educational endeavor, curriki.org. Click here for video.


Digital Health Summit

From cars that help monitor illness to inspiring conversations about the ability to monitor and act on vital patient diagnostics, the Digital Health Summit called all stakeholders to action. We kicked off with a panel discussion with Ira Flatow (NPR), Dr. Reed Tuckson (UnitedHealth Group), Dr. Eric Topol and Greg Lucier (Life Technologies) talking about the future of personalized medicine and empowering our consumers to take a more active role in their own health care. Later in the Summit, Qualcomm’s Don Jones rolled out the over-arching 2Net technology.


Sports and Fitness Tech

Jillian Michaels has been showing us how to get buff for a long time, but now that body sensors are in the mix, we have our own monitoring and rewards system. The crowds approved.

FashionWare Fashion Show

Attendees were told to “get out their LED necklaces.” Our wearable and embedded technology celebration featured 10 models on the runway of the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall. KGO TV’s Matt Heinze interviewed show producer Julie Sylvester on FashionWare. Much of the show focused on today’s young designers who are playing with high tech fabrics and components to design clothes that will respond, feel and react like none others before it.
To see the FashionWare Show, visit www.fashionwareshow.com


Awards and Contests

The Sterling Awards

Sherri Snelling hosted the first annual Sterling Awards, recognizing products and services that best serve an aging market. The awards, sponsored by AARP, included winners like LiveMocha and GrandCare.


The Wall of Apps

One of the newest highlights of our show was the Wall of Apps, a high profile way for app providers to be seen and heard in one of the most heavily trafficked spots on the show floor. Take a guided tour of the wall experience.


KAPi Awards

Hosted by Warren Buckleitner and Robin Raskin, the fourth annual KAPi awards were given to a variety of educational children’s toys, software, and services that enhance the lives of digital kids. Ge Wang, of Smule, accepted his award for Pioneering Technology by playing “Georgia on My Mind” on his iPhone guitar. And Mark Schlichting received his Lifetime Award for fathering titles including Just GrandMa and Me as well as his newest NoodleWords. Click Here for a full list of awardees.


Mobile Apps Showdown and Last Gadget Standing
Sponsored by:

Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate had the audience guffawing during their trivia contests, but had their eyes bulging out of their heads with the exciting products and apps on display. Both contests played to a sold out room of over 500 people. And the event began months before CES with an online vote. Mobile Apps had 750,000 online visitors and Last Gadget Standing had about 250,000.
At the show, the ten top products each had four minutes to show what they do. With skits, demos, and live hijinx, this year’s winners were:
Magistro and Macaw for the Mobile Apps Showdown. Lytro and Swivl for the Last Gadget Standing


Mark Your Calendars:


Summer SummitDigital Health Summit,
Omni Hotel San Diego June 14-15

A deeper dive into the transformative world of high tech health: what can tech learn from the health industry and vice versa. For a complete lineup, visit Digital Health webpage.


New York StyleMobile Apps Showdown, NYC Style, June 27-28

Be a part of the Wall of Apps at CEA LineShows NY, a special showcase of the best products and services for the tech community. Last year nearly 700 journalists attended this event. For more see.