Yes, they jumped higher and quantified the output of the human body better than ever, but there’s more than meets the eye to the advances in fitness. Valencell powered some of the most important miniaturization of components, making in-ear “hearables” from companies like FIIL and Jabra instant hits. Fossil introduced a fitness tracker that looked good enough to wear without shouting “geek.” Peloton showcased its fast-growing virtual reality bike ride quickly gathering a cult following. Companies like Kiwi and Halo NeuroScience demonstrated that the brain and body work more closely than you’d think.

Kevin Plank, Under Armour’s CEO, was the keynote speaker at CES 2017, reinforcing the unparalleled innovation in the fitness arena. And on the show floor, our series of #FitCES interviews provided insights into the souls of some of the greatest fitness company — both new and old. Rodale Publications joined us on center stage to dish out awards for best products,and then took the royal booth tour interviewing Polar, Fitbit, LumoBack for us to share with you.


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