The world is quickly moving to various forms of digital money, and in many cases, replacing cash.  Whether that takes the form of a digital wallet, a mobile payment, a smartphone or a cryptocurrency, changes are happening at lightening pace. Mastercard, our title sponsor of the Digital Money Forum, took the lead in calling for payment systems that are frictionless, safe and secure. Listen to Sherri Haymond as she captures the tenor of the day. Modo’s Bruce Parker provided an entertaining look at how all currencies can be treated by packaging properly.  The conference room turned experiential as snacks, compliments of USA Technologies, were dispensed from next gen payment-ready vending machines.  Synchrony Financial and National Merchants Association eloquently tackled the retail market’s new era of customer loyalty. Special guest Jean Chatzky, along with AARP and Fiserv discussed the new trends in wealth management, while imaginative conversations from Nucleus Software, based in India, Intuit and ITU looked at expanding the financial system to be more inclusive. If you’re curious about Bitcoin, blockchain and the regulatory climate,  you wouldn’t wanted to have missed the BlockChain Unbound session. And for a wacky look at the future, watch April Rudin’s panel of prognosticators.