WoW Woman in Wearable Tech | Julie Sylvester, founding producer of the CES FitnessTech Summit

As the founding producer of the CES FitnessTech Summit, Julie Sylvester has over the past six years become a torchbearer for the FitnessTech world.   READ MORE

Why supermarkets want to sell you ugly fruits and vegetable

Food-waste activists think perfect-looking apples and potatoes should share the spotlight with their bruised brethren.   READ MORE

What To Do with Twenty Years of Content? Start an Academy

LeapFrog’s twenty-year history is a classic study of the speed of change in the tech industry.   READ MORE

Real Money, Virtual Reality

For most of us, VR today means donning some heavy face mask contraption and flailing your arms (to the amusement of others) in an immersive reality that only you can see.   READ MORE
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3 More Good Choices for The Summer of Coding

Interesting building kits and coding tools for teaching kids about technology are pouring into the market.   READ MORE
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High Tech Couture Meets CES Asia’s Tech Fans

Over the past 7 years, FashionWare, a runway show for tech enthusiasts, has come to represent a blend of pioneering designers in the world of high tech fashion garments and makers of high tech accessories.   READ MORE
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Teaching President Trump that Cyber Civility Matters

Everyone knows that President Trump has given the word “bully pulpit” a new meaning.   READ MORE
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Jiobit: Don’t Worry, Mommy Always Knows Where You Are

John Renaldi had one of those heart stopping moments when he lost his child in a crowded park.   READ MORE

Taste of Tech Tour

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