【CES Asia直撃】機械人做海關 打擊水貨客?

機械人與人工智能(AI)漸漸融入生活,到底如何運用在生活方面,亞洲消費電子展(CES Asia)上就為大家提供答案。   Read more

CES Asia: The Robots Are Coming – To Catch Your Fish, Served Your Meal, Collect Your Garbage

CES Asia, the Shanghai version of the Consumer Electronics Show — and one of the rare Chinese productions smaller than its 50-year-old Las Vegas counterpart — aims to provide a look at how we will live, work and entertain ourselves in the…

Consumer Robots Steal the Show at CES Asia 2017

Robots were the talk of the town at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Asia, which is currently taking place in Shanghai. Although some of the robots were nothing more than little entertainment gadgets, it's becoming clear that robots will form…

Last Gadget Standing Asia Votes for Halomini AR Display

SHANGHAI, June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Live from the N5 Stage at CES Asia, Last Gadget Standing, produced by Living in Digital Times, once again drew a standing room only crowd who voted using a polling system on WeChat to choose the product…

What’s Your Best Bet for Teaching Kids to Code? (Ways to Teach Coding Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we looked whether coding is an important skill. Now let’s look at how to decide which of the many ways of teaching kids to code might work best. Read More