[titled_box title=”Living in Digital Times at the 2015 International CES” variation=”silver”]Living in Digital Times (LIDT) produces a four-day showcase of products and conferences that look at new technology through the lens of solving real people’s problems. We are proud partners of CEA, owners and producers of the International CES in Las Vegas each January.

For 2015, the International CES will expand into the Sands Expo and Convention Center. The venue, referred to as CES Tech West, will accommodate emerging technologies and the hottest trends that will shape the technology industry. Join LIDT and their complete event portfolio to showcase the most celebrated and trending technologies. [/titled_box]

Healthcare – from the 3D printing of artificial limbs to hacking your genetic code, from robot caregivers to telepresence medicine and big data analysis – join us for an intriguing four days of new products, new models, new services.
New technologies are allowing older Americans to enjoy richer quality lives in their own homes. The newly renamed Silver Summit looks at products and services that impact the lives of an older population. Share in the amazing strides in lifelong learning, enhancing and augmenting sensory experience, smart home control, healthy aging, and more.
Step into a kid’s eye view of the world where robots rule, making things is “the bomb” and technokids play, create and explore the new digital/physical world. Play patterns don’t change; tech does. Find out how.
It’s all about juggling and products that help you save time and energy to devote to what’s important. Remote home control, connected home, family health, beauty/fitness/wellness, and a big dose of what’s trending for women in tech circa 2015 will dominate the conversation.
Technology continues to transform education in innovative, often disruptive ways. The rise of online, personalized education, MOOCs, mobile learning, and the flipped classroom is also altering the economy of who’s creating the new education infrastructure. Don’t miss a look at trends shaping the education landscape.
The quantified self movement, wearable tech that informs and improves our bodies, coaching, workouts and the word of sports coaching, training and rehab will play the starring role in a day devoted to new business, new trends and the new world of sports and tech fitness.
Where high tech meets fashion, wearables and ways of staying in style are making it big time thanks to 3D printing, wearable tech and a variety of new retail experiences. Show off your best stuff on our FashionWare runway and in our exhibit on the show floor. High tech couture.
Now in its 14th year at CES, Last Gadget Standing highlights the new products that are most likely to succeed. With judges, an online vote and our good friends Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate from the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, it’s a good time for all. Sponsored by Lenovo.
Now it’s 5th year at CES, Mobile Apps Showdown showcases the best new mobile apps. From entertainment to productivity, from health and fitness to social media, apps show no sign of losing their edge. Join the Wall of Apps on the show floor and/or join in the competition where you can cut through the mobile apps noise.

Wall of Apps
Register for a place on our Wall of Apps at CES 2015. The pavilion on the CES show floor will get your apps in front of the media, decision makers, and thought leaders in some of the hottest lifestyle markets. Forget about building a display, designing splashy graphics, shipping a monstrous booth, or hiring full-time staff—we do it all for you. It’s a great, cost-effective way to showcase your app at CES.

MommyTech TV
Back by popular demand, MommyTech TV will return to the 2015 International CES. You’ve seen technology reshape family life, and moms are at the center of so many of these connections. We’ll be out of the conference room and onto the show floor getting ‘hands on’ with the latest products, solutions and expert advice. The broadcast, live from the Family & Technology show floor at the Sands Expo, will be produced by media personality and technology expert Andrea Smith. She will be joined by women’s industry influencers, product developers and manufacturers, and popular mommy bloggers. In addition to the live broadcast, the videos will be featured on major media distribution sites.