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5 Digital Distractions for Kids and Their Parents


Entertaining distractions for kids have come a long way since the early days of Concentration and Connect the Dots. That’s especially true if you’re an iPaduser.

Take a look at these masterpieces that highlight some game-changing graphics interaction and even how you buy them. You’ll find apps that create a full TV-like interactive channel, encourage parents and kids to build and share games, use augmented reality and are produced by animators with award-winning pedigrees, heralding a new generation of kids’ apps.

They might cost you as much as a Starbucks latte, but they are much more satisfying. What are your kids’ favorite apps?

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Battle for Your Wrist Estate Intensifies Amid Smartwatch Rumors


Technology has always been a real estate battle. First it was the battle for your desktop with dueling PCs, then it moved to the living room with game consoles and smart TVs. There’s a battle for your shoulder bag with laptops and tablets, and for your pockets with mobile phones. The next battleground: your wrists.

The good news is that the wrist is relatively under-populated territory. Except for LiveStrong bands and a few other collector’s items, wrists fell out of fashion when the mobile phone learned to tell time.

The biggest limitation of the wrist? You’ve only got two. Unlike a pocket or bag it’s harder to add an extra one. And wearing electronic bangles up and down your wrist may be just too complicated.

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Use This Technology to Tame Your Child’s Inner Brat


Over-indulgent parents and an ad-infested childhood can turn even the nicest kid into a big brat. The nag factor can kick in anytime, anywhere. Designer jeans, mobile phones, leveling up in a game, wish lists, peer pressure, and fads of the moments create consumption maniacs.

Can technology help cure a case of the “gimmes”? Apps are working to buck the trend, teaching kids to work for their incomes, save and invest, take up some chores, and even get their homework in order. Most of these techniques have been around as long as there have been parents and many of them have a Skinnerian approach to behavior modification at their core. Since kids love their tech, these apps will give parents a systematic approach to keeping track of and managing the “inner brat”.

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9 Apps Every Baby Boomer Should Know


I’m sure there are plenty of boomers who rank Angry Birds at the top of their app list, but my hunch is that for most people age 50+ this list of apps will rank higher on a best-loved scale.

Boomers tend to be practical, health and diet conscious and need a little bit of a “helping hand” every now and then.

These apps range from flashlights that help you read the menu in dark restaurants to apps that help find your car in an unfamiliar location.

Browse through the gallery above to see them all. And let us know — are there any good ones we missed?


This Tech Will Help You Grow Old Gracefully


By the year 2020, 70% of the population will find themselves on the other side of 50. And despite the fact that many optimists call 70 “the new 40,” researchers agree that once you hit 40 — “new” or “old” — it’s a downhill slope. 

Instead of throwing up our flabby arms and surrendering, we’re seeing a generation facing the slow decline of the senses with clever tech ideas to make aging more manageable and less humiliating. Whether it’s vision, hearing, memory or just driving skills that are beginning to dim — and, trust me, theywill dim — technology is coming to the rescue.

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Lessons From Sandy; Tech Tools for the Next Big Storm


Those of you who felt Hurricane Sandy this week were reminded, yet again, of nature’s ferocity. At our home, about 100 miles north of New York City, on the banks of the Hudson River, the tides and wind speeds were our biggest concern.

The Internet was our constant companion with a shout-out toWeatherUnderground for crowd-sourcing the weather to amateur weather stations and aficionados. We calculated and recalculated wind speeds, tides and barometer changes based on Internet data — in addition to grabbing sleeping bags, water and flashlights and moving the car to the top of a hill. We stayed online searching for all the latest data.

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Follow These 8 Simple Rules of Social Media


Is your social media behavior cringe-worthy? Will you look back on your 140 characters today with remorse tomorrow? There’s no one arbiter of good taste on social media. In fact, ‘experts’ have been doling out advice since the Internet came into being. From Ann Landers writing about Internet addiction in 1998 to manners maven Emily Post and her kids and grandkids who are trying to bring good mannered sensibility to the Internet.

My credentials aren’t impeccable manners but the school of hard knocks, beginning with a 300 baud modem and a BBS connection. I’m no Internet native, but I have learned a few things about social media manners which I’m happy to share. In fact, let’s make it a group effort, so feel free to chime in below.

Googling: Try not to indulge more than you have to; your brain gets rusty from lack of use. Really think about who starred in Mary Poppins before you race to look it up. You’ll be better for it.

Tattling: Are you your brother’s social media keeper? The photo with too much cleavage, the beer bottle shot? Limit the pictures you post of other people, especially their past. If someone is posting old pictures of you, the first line of attack should be to talk directly to the offenders about over-sharing. If they de-friend you, you’ve tried. If they tell you “you overshare, too,” they’re probably right.

Relationships: Tell your good friends about your breakup before you change your relationship status. They hate feeling like they had to learn it online. And don’t be the first in your relationship to rush to status change — doing it together shows maturity.


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Posting Family Photos: If they’re old enough to answer in the affirmative, then ask permission before posting. Be especially mindful of bathroom, bikini or paunch shots they’ll loathe you for.

Bragging: Vacations, weddings and other shared family photos probably bore your OWN family. Edit judiciously before sharing.

Mobile Photography: You’re “in the moment”. They’re not. Make sure the photo is focused and recognizable before hitting the share button.

Sympathy: Posting a notice about a death of a friend or relative is alright. The outpouring of support is fantastic. As for offering condolences, it’s fine to memorialize on Facebook — even helpful.

Social Media — In General: As they said about after-school activities when I was applying to college: Limit yourself to three — do one really well.

Have your own set of rules? Share away.


Learning From Failure in the Digital Health Business

You know the old saying, “You learn more from your failures than your success.” But ouch, those failures can smart. At a recent Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco, three brave former CEOs from gone, but not forgotten companies, Zeo, HealthRally and Healthrageous took the stage to share their personal schools of hard knocks.


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Genealogy: Tips for When You’re Stuck in the 19th Century

My story is not different from thousands of yours. Srul Avram Yisroel Kvar (or was it Kwar? or Kfare?) lived in a town called L’Viv (spelled ten ways come Sunday) somewhere in the Ukraine. He married Chaya Sara and while they never saw the United States, their children, at least most of them, took that wild ride through Ellis Island. Ironically, after the long voyage, most of them never escaped the Bronx.


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Eyewear or Wristwear: Shoot Out at the Wearable Tech Corral

fashionglasspngSo far, eyewear focuses on augmenting your visual reality, while wristwear serves more as a mobile phone/health fitness monitor on your wrist. Read more about the new craze here!

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