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  • Fashionpng

    Next Generation High Tech Fashion

    What do you get when you combine sensors, LEDs, chips and tremendous new design talent? You get a cornucopia of new fashion based on wearable technology. Some of these are one-offs designed for the runway; others are for sale today. All of them signify the new direction in high tech fashion.


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  • Mamadaypng

    Mother’s Day for the Those in Denial

    I am a mother, and yet every year I fret about whether or not to play along with Mother’s Day pomp and circumstance, or just hope it goes away. Even Anna Jarvis, the woman who spearheaded the U.S.’ version of Mother’s Day, grew so embittered with its commercialization that she tried to take the holiday back.


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  • Deskpng

    Building a Desk Treadmill: A Love Story

    It’s not every day that high tech, DIY skills and true love intersect, so when I heard this story I had to share. Sarah and Ben Hilmer are newlyweds living in Indianapolis. Ben noticed Sarah eyeing those $1500 plus treadmill desks — the ones that let you type and walk at the same time. For her first birthday as a married woman, he decided to make her work/walk dreams come true. As a surprise! He did it for less than $250, and you can too.

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  • Sleepprobzpng

    Sleep Gives You Something Else to Worry About

    Who would have thought that sleep would become the next crisis in our lives? The truth is, we don’t get enough of it and we’re starting to know that a lack of it leads to poor health. And now, technology is rushing in with a multitude of ways to measure it. The question is, will monitoring your sleep help inform and change your sleep patterns or just give you another reason to cry about sleep deprivation.


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  • Glasswarpng

    Glass Warfare

    Google Glass, not the only, but certainly the most popular of the all the wearable headwear technologies available today, has become a lightning rod for the battle of how the next generation of computing power will be used.


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  • Gamepng

    Big Brand Game Companies See New Audience in Youngest Gamers

    Game makers in search of new audiences are skewing even younger. Companies that traditionally catered to serious game players are making new forays into the K-6 crowd. “Get ‘em young and keep ‘em playing” is an age-old marketing idea but it’s also creating some interesting play patterns for the youngest gamers.


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  • Minimeuse

    My Very Own Mini-Me from Shapify

    It was a rainy day in NY so I wore my “schmatta” dress and ran downtown to take a quick stroll through the 3D Print show. By the end of my visit I’d been body-scanned, and sent off my like-ness to become reality at the 3D printing factory. A few days and $79 (ouch) later, I held my own 3D replica, 3-inches tall, in my hand.

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  • Kidsstuffuse

    Making Good Digital Stuff for Kids Is Magic

    For kids being digital is like breathing oxygen — it’s just something that you do. For the makers of quality kids digital media it’s like being a grand puppeteer. You’re best if you’re unnoticed. You want kids to believe in the magic that you create for them.

    What’s the recipe for making magic? A sense of whimsy and wonder, a clean user interface, exciting design and age appropriate content are just a few of the ingredients. A respect for children is another. The following products, from high tech playgrounds to an exploration of the human body to collectible figurines, all take the digital medium to new heights.

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  • Appuse

    Finding the Mobile App in the Hay Stack

    Millions of apps are served every day! But boy, is it hard to find a good one. Our team scoured the web looking for the new, the exciting and the unexpected. From the practical that turns your phone into a document scanner to the whacked up that lets you find a pickup street game, these 10 apps will entertain and amaze.

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  • Robotuse

    10 Robots to Watch in 2014

    Think of it as Fashion Week for robots. As robots continue their journey towards more intelligent, human-like behavior, they show off their individual sense of style. Here are 10 head-turning robots that do everything from entertain, to vacuum, from propel a paralyzed human, to navigating places where no humans would dare to tread.

    Comedic, heart-wrenching, utilitarian and filled with attitude, these robots will change the way we do just about everything.

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