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  • MashableDigitalDistractions

    5 Digital Distractions for Kids and Their Parents

    SOURCE: Mashable Entertaining distractions for kids have come a long way since the early days of Concentration and Connect the Dots. That’s especially true if you’re an iPaduser. Take a look at these masterpieces that highlight some game-changing graphics interaction and even how you buy them. …

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  • MashableBattleWrist

    Battle for Your Wrist Estate Intensifies Amid Smartwatch Rumors

    SOURCE: Technology has always been a real estate battle. First it was the battle for your desktop with dueling PCs, then it moved to the living room with game consoles and smart TVs. There’s a battle for your shoulder bag with laptops and tablets, and …

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  • MashableBrat

    Use This Technology to Tame Your Child’s Inner Brat

    SOURCE: Over-indulgent parents and an ad-infested childhood can turn even the nicest kid into a big brat. The nag factor can kick in anytime, anywhere. Designer jeans, mobile phones, leveling up in a game, wish lists, peer pressure, and fads of the moments create consumption …

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  • MashableBabyBoomer

    9 Apps Every Baby Boomer Should Know

    SOURCE: Mashable 

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  • MashableAgingTech

    This Tech Will Help You Grow Old Gracefully

    Source: By the year 2020, 70% of the population will find themselves on the other side of 50. And despite the fact that many optimists call 70 “the new 40,” researchers agree that once you hit 40 — “new” or “old” — it’s a downhill …

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  • MashableSandy

    Lessons From Sandy; Tech Tools for the Next Big Storm

    SOURCE: Those of you who felt Hurricane Sandy this week were reminded, yet again, of nature’s ferocity. At our home, about 100 miles north of New York City, on the banks of the Hudson River, the tides and wind speeds were our biggest concern. The …

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  • Mashupmediarules

    Follow These 8 Simple Rules of Social Media

    SOURCE: Is your social media behavior cringe-worthy? Will you look back on your 140 characters today with remorse tomorrow? There’s no one arbiter of good taste on social media. In fact, ‘experts’ have been doling out advice since the Internet came into being. From Ann …

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  • Digitalhealthonlypic

    Learning From Failure in the Digital Health Business

    You know the old saying, “You learn more from your failures than your success.” But ouch, those failures can smart. At a recent Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco, three brave former CEOs from gone, but not forgotten companies, Zeo, HealthRally and Healthrageous took …

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  • 19thcentury

    Genealogy: Tips for When You’re Stuck in the 19th Century

    My story is not different from thousands of yours. Srul Avram Yisroel Kvar (or was it Kwar? or Kfare?) lived in a town called L’Viv (spelled ten ways come Sunday) somewhere in the Ukraine. He married Chaya Sara and while they never saw the United …

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  • Eyewareglassware

    Eyewear or Wristwear: Shoot Out at the Wearable Tech Corral

    So far, eyewear focuses on augmenting your visual reality, while wristwear serves more as a mobile phone/health fitness monitor on your wrist. Read more about the new craze here!

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