Rethinking Credit Scores in the Age of Fintech

The Equifax data breach that exposed 143 million personal records was a wake up call about the shoddy security at one of the major credit rating bureaus. Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com

The Show Must Go On: Why Expos and Trade Shows Still Matter

Breaking through the noise of the convention floor is critical to reaching the variety of decision-makers whose input goes into purchasing, said Jill Gilbert, who runs the Digital Health Summit at CES, the International Consumer Electronics…
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Staying Old in a Young Business

I’ve thought about writing this piece for the last two decades which means I am not getting younger.   READ MORE
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Ride-Sharing: Lots of Holes to Be Plugged

The startup economy always has a niche waiting to be filled by a creative person, and that person is often looking for answer to what begins as a personal problem.   READ MORE

Real Money, Virtual Reality

For most of us, VR today means donning some heavy face mask contraption and flailing your arms (to the amusement of others) in an immersive reality that only you can see.   READ MORE
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Want to Be Coin Insider? Jump and Holler “HODL”

I’ve attended enough conferences about coins and cryptocurrency to know I’m watching world-changing history.   READ MORE