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Computing My Facebook Addiction

Wolfram Alpha is a search engine unlike any other. It’s called a computational search engine which, at the end of the day, means that you’re not searching for weblinks to other sites but rather getting a data analysis from information about those sites. It’s best used for searching on things that can be measured: cancer […]


MobileTrax Weighs in on Nokia’s New Lumia 920

Excerpted from Gerry Purdy’s MobileTrax column, the Nokia Lumia 920 may be just the ticket for its versatility. It incorporates speed, a back and front facing camera and an enhanced system that improves photos taken in low light conditions: Read Gerrry’s review: Nokia and Microsoft are continuing their close partnership. They almost come across as a joint […]

Free a Senior From Technology Hassles Today

Technology can help seniors without driving them crazy.  You’ve just got to do a little friendly setup and send them on their way. After all, that’s part of the reason they had you in the first place.  Built in tech support.  Here are a few easy tips.  The Cloud to the Rescue :  The Cloud […]


Free Classes to Help Seniors Learn Tech

I stumbled across this site the other day: www.gcflearnfree.org.  The program is sponsored by Goodwill Community Foundation International to offer learning opportunities ranging from reading to math, but the technology section is particularly good. From Facebook to Pintrest, online banking to Skype, anyone who wants to improve their technology literacy skills can benefit.


Back to School for Moms and Dads

I know what you’re thinking: not another back-to-school shopping list! Moms and Dads, you’ve probably had an eyeful of what to buy for the kids this season. But this one’s for you: a few suggestions for staying cool, calm and connected during back to school season. Cozi: Face it. School life revolves around the calendar. […]

The Space Shuttle Enterprise and the Smart TV: Unlikely Friends

Confused about the future of the television? No more so than the people who are building it. Research states that more than half of households in North America and Western Europe will be connected to the Internet through their television sets within five years, but how they’re going to connect is anybody’s guess. Today, the […]


Internet: Opiate of the People?

Marx blamed religion. Nancy Reagan blamed drugs. But the opiate du jour is the Internet. So check your dopamine at the screen. Two important trends are emerging as Internet behavior continues to go under the microscope. First. We over-share because we experience chemical changes in the brain from doing it. Like sex, junk food or […]

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Video Game as Art

I stopped by the Art of the Video Game at the Smithsonian in DC last week.  The exhibit took viewers on a waltz through video gaming from Atari to Xbox. While the kiosks were ok, the conversations that these machines evoked were positively marvelous.  Dads turning to their young kids, and telling them about their early […]