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Time to Rethink Kids Engagement on the Web

Way back in the 90’s, websites designed for kids were just beginning to emerge. Most of them were somewhat innocuous collections of silly games, jokes, chat rooms and virtual pets. But some, from less reputable sources, were laden with pop-up screens that barraged kids with advertising or asked kids to provide their personal information (including […]

For Kids, Fake News is the New Norm

Years ago, when the Internet was young and so were my kids, I remember being pretty creeped out as I watched them research their school papers. A paper on The Scarlet Letter had one visiting witches’ covens as academic research. A paper on the Civil War had one earnestly getting the facts from white supremacist […]

From Start-Ups to End-Ups

Maybe I’m showing my age but I’ve got a serious case of start-up fatigue. One more hackathon, incubator, accelerator, pitch contest, one more meetup group and I turn into an Edvard Munch scream. The start-up economy has changed the nature and future of work. It’s screwed up our values about work. It underplays the importance […]