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Taste of Tech Tour

1.5 hours. $750 per participant. If time is of the essence for you at CES, but you’re on a mission to experience the best of lifestyle tech, than look no further. This simple, no-fuss tour takes you through the most innovative products debuting at CES in the areas of sports, fitness, health, family and wearables. […]

The Full-On Digital Lifestyle

3 hours. $1,195 per participant. Includes lunch. Our expert will guide you through the latest in sports, fitness, health, family, wearables, kids. You’ll hear from product creators of IoT, STEM and kid’s robotics, performance wearables, high tech clothing and jewelry, fitness gadgets and lifesaving health innovations. The experience culminates in a group networking lunch and […]


The New Electronics Consumer Is Not Who You Think It Is

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has officially kicked off today in Las Vegas and it’s just as you expected. Wearables, hearables, Audi’s autonomous car, smart homes, 3D pens from Polaroid and everything in between. Lots of news around smart showers, mirrors and even pillows. Probably the last thing you would expect to hear coming out of the world’s largest […]


Rapael Smart Glove is not the NES Power Glove, it’s better

At first glance the Rapael smart glove looks like one of the robot skeletons from the television show “Westworld.” Created by the South Korean company Neofect, the glove uses a variety of sensors to guide a patient’s rehabilitation for common hand and wrist injuries. Seeing the Rapael glove in-person at CES, I had flashbacks to […]


The Best Wearable Fitness Tech We Saw At CES 2017

A big part of improving coordination and other skills is the process of forging robust neuromuscular connections through repetition. Wear these headphones for 20 minutes before exercising, say the makers of the Halo Sport headphones, and your brain will be primed to more quickly adapt. The soft spikes on the inside of the headband, called […]