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Digital Money Forum and Blockchain

Digital Money Forum (Full day conference) Digital Money Forum (Full day conference) A full-day conference devoted to identifying trends, industry leadership and opportunities in the emerging world of fintech and payments. The Forum looks at finance through the lens of its enabling technologies. With the advent of robo-advising, mobile payments, algorithmic credit-scoring, blockchain technology and […]

Last Gadget Standing
January 10

A perennial attendee favorite, Last Gadget Standing challenges contenders to give the product demo of their lives. At stake: bragging rights as the product “most likely to change the face of technology.” See all the competitors strut their stuff in this inventive, fast-paced competition.

Young Innovators to Watch
January 10

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors like Lenovo, we were able to grant scholarships and gear to students doing amazing things with technology. One recipient created a wearable ring to help manage Parkinson’s. Another created an inexpensive mobile test for glaucoma. The third and fourth created a drone for emergency relief situations and an app […]


You Are What You Wear, So Make it Tech. Tech-forward attire and accessories for everyone, the business exec to the bling lover, the sports devotee to the mobile-centric family; see the latest from head-ware to foot-ware. Learn about new fabrics, new chipsets, wearable payment systems, and displaying your emotions on your sleeve.

KAPi Awards
January 10

The KAPi (Kids at Play Interactive) Awards celebrate excellence in children’s media. The KAPi Awards honor children’s technology products that raise the bar for innovation and design excellence ? from toys to apps, websites and games. In addition to the product categories, a Digital Pioneer award honors an individual who has made an impact in […]


Whether you want to maintain a healthy weight, climb Mount Everest or compete in the Olympics, innovative technology is increasingly employed to create the best YOU. At CES 2019 our sessions will explore the next steps in this rapidly growing arena

January 8-9

From bluetooth-enabled smart pacifiers to smart baby bottles, smartphone enabled fertility monitors, sonograms, music playlists, strollers with GPS, sensor- led infant car seats, GPS bracelets… the list of modern-day, Internet-enabled baby devices is almost overwhelming. At our Baby Tech session we explore the best of breed, the new retail opportunities, the characteristics of today’s parents […]


From augmented and virtual reality beauty solutions that help you re-imagine your looks to skin and hair analysis tools, there is no aspect of beauty that has not been given a tech makeover.

Digital Health Summit
January 8-9

The pace of innovation in the Digital Health arena exceeds all other areas of tech innovation. The Digital Health Summit provides a unique look at the role of technology in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. From diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of illnesses we explore how telemedicine, robotics, gene sequencing, real-time medical monitoring, […]

WearableTech Summit
January 9

Smart clothing, smart glasses, sleep sensors, in-ear wearables, smart watches, activity monitors, augmented and virtual reality headsets, continuous glucose monitors, heart rate monitors (HRMS), drug delivery devices, hand worn terminals, wearable patches, jewelry — these are just a few of the classes of wearable devices we’re seeing come to market. Which ones do people really […]

Family Tech & Kids@Play Summit
January 10

You can’t predict the future; it happens as we speak. But how do you future-proof kids and their families? By exposing them to the right technologies, at the right time, in the right way. At the FamilyTech Summit at CES 2018, we looked at the role of new technologies like AR, VR, IoT and AI, […]