[colored_box title=”What Is Living In Digital Times” variation=”red”]Living in Digital Times (LIDT) produces two and four-day showcases of products and conferences that look at new technology through the lens of solving real people’s problems. We are proud partners of CEA®, producer of CES® in Las Vegas each January. Who Attends: Industry thought leaders who want to see new products in the context of doing business in the real world. Press, analysts, regulators and legislators, real life practitioners, retail and distributors, manufacturers, educators. It’s where leaders in consumer electronics champion innovation. For 2016, CES expands it’s footprint at the Sands Expo to accommodate emerging technologies and the hottest trends that further shape the technology industry. Join LIDT and their complete event portfolio to showcase the most celebrated and trending technologies.[/colored_box]

[squeeze_box]Digital Health Summit</br> The pace of innovation in the Digital Health arena exceeds all other areas of tech innovation. The Digital Health Summit focuses on the intersection of technology, health and wellness. You’ll hear solutions for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating a variety of illnesses, from obesity to asthma, from poor vision or hearing to high blood pressure. Learn about gamification and explore new breakthroughs in personalized medicine. Hear how telemedicine, robotics, gene sequencing, real-time medical monitoring, and smart wearables are changing healthcare. The doctor is now literally “in your pocket.”[/squeeze_box]